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I recently saw the iZIP three wheel bicycle.  I'ts got a small electric motor, two rear wheels and a basket for carrying stuff.  I'd like something similar except with more power to handle the hills between me and my mail box or better between me and downtown (less than 10 miles one way).

A wheel configuration where there are two front steering wheels and a single rear is what's called a stable configuration.  Two fixed front wheels and two rear steering rear wheels (a car driven in reverse) is an unstable configuration as is one front wheel with two rear fixed wheels.   (Wiki: Three-wheeled Car)

It would be a real bonus if the bike could pull a small trailer that could be used on the paths near my house to haul wood, carry supplies, etc.  So, what I'm after is more like a 3-wheel utility vehicle.

Existing Pedal Power Bikes

Tadpole Trike Design - Recumbent seating (Wiki: Recumbent bicycle), two front wheels with pedals out in front.  Single driven rear wheel.
Direct steering has the hand grips connected to the hub with a short solid tube.  The wheels are interconnected with a link that sets the toe in.
With direct steering when a Bionx electric controler is fitted to one of the hand grip bars it may hit you leg in a corner and change the setting.
Linkage steering has a handlebar with links to the two steering wheels.  Has Ackerman geometry (WikiRC Tek).


Max road rider wt.: not mentioned
Tadpole recumbents and a 2-wheel recumbent for speed

Electro Ride

6923124 (USPTO)  Tritrack system of mass transit, Roane; Jerry M. (Austin, TX), 104/124 ; 104/118; 105/141; 105/72.2
7127999 Tritrack system of mass transit, Jerry M. Roane
7334524 Production vehicle for tritrack transportation system, Jerry M. Roane


Very pricey.

Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE)

Full Fat $10k


Retro e-bikes - battery holder looks like Harley V.
36 & 48 Volt versions.



8 1/2" seat height
43 pounds
X-seam: 35.5 to 44"
Max road rider wt.: 300 #\

Light Foot Cycles

Have experience with both Gas and Electric assist.
The delta configuration Road Runner can use either type of assist.
Lightfoot Road Runner delta trike

The above Road Runner is shown with the optional link steering.  The stock steering would be regular handlebars coming up from the front wheel.  The problem with the stock steering is that the handlebars will stick out rather far when making a sharp turn and would not fit into the Rain Shadow body.  That may be one of the factors leading to the development of the Express Trike.  The Express also has a higher bottom bracket so the bottom of the sprocket is above the floor.
Road Runner $ 3300 + $350 for 2-wheel drive, a little over $6k with mid drive electric motor.

Sun - J&B Importers

EZ-3 SX Tadpole

14" seat height
49 pounds
X-seam: 33 to 47"
The seat attaches to the frame in one of three possible positions.  The forward book can be adjusted in length, but that requires adding or removing chain links.
Owner's page

EZ-3 USX HD Trike

Sun EZ-3 US
              XHD Trike 68611
The bike has a MSRP of about $1000.

Sun Seeker Fat Tad

Electro Portal motor kit (w/o battery for the EZ-3 is about $ 600
ECO Speed Electric Mid Drive (EMD) motor kit is about $ 1000 to $ 1500 depending on the motor WILL NOT FIT US XHD because of the under seat steering linkage.  The hub motors are not suitable when driving in hilly country.

X3 AX Trike

Sun X3 AX 68609 Trike
Recomended by ECO Speed.  About $1700 retail.  The idler tab needs to be cut off the frame for the mid motor installation.
The tab that's holding the chain idler needs to be cut off in order to install the ECO Speed mid drive electric motor.


Max road rider wt.: 250 to 300 #

Trident Terrain Fat Trike

Two steering wheels in front, single fixed drive wheel.
Available with 750W Bafang motor (which one: 8fun mid drive)


Max road rider wt.: 252 #

Utah Trikes

Fat Tad Crawler
Differentials - UT Custom -
Electric Motorized UTCustom Catrike Fat Cat-4 Quad - Bafand 1kW motor,

Electric Conversion

Wiki: Motorized bicycle, motorized bicycle history, Electric bicycle laws:

The U.S. NHTSA Code of Motor Vehicle Safety simply defines low-speed electric bicycles as consumer products and not Motor Vehicles for safety standards. In doing so they vest authority over commercial safety standards to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission(CPSC) stipulates that commercially manufactured low-speed electric bicycles, or tricycles, must have fully operable pedals, an electric motor of less than 750W of power and a top motor-powered speed not in excess of 20 miles per hour (32 km/h). An electric bike remaining within these specifications will be regarded simply as a bicycle for purposes of safety standards. This supersedes any state law that is more stringent, but only regarding safety equipment required on electric bicycles and the standard of manufacture they must meet.. The legislation enacting this amendment to the CPSC is also known as HR 727.

CA 24016 Motorized Bicycle Electric Motor: Safety and Equipment Requirements -
CA VC 406 Motorized Bicycle -
406.  (a) A "motorized bicycle" or "moped" is any two-wheeled or three-wheeled device having fully operative pedals for propulsion by human power, or having no pedals if powered solely by electrical energy, and an automatic transmission and a motor which produces less than 2 gross brake horsepower and is capable of propelling the device at a maximum speed of not more than 30 miles per hour on level ground.

(b) A "motorized bicycle" is also a device that has fully operative pedals for propulsion by human power and has an electric motor that meets all of the following requirements:
(1) Has a power output of not more than 1,000 watts.
(2) Is incapable of propelling the device at a speed of more than 20 miles per hour on ground level.
(3) Is incapable of further increasing the speed of the device when human power is used to propel the motorized bicycle faster than 20 miles per hour.
(4) Every manufacturer of motorized bicycles, as defined in this subdivision, shall provide a disclosure to buyers that advises buyers that their existing insurance policies may not provide coverage for these bicycles and that they should contact their insurance company or insurance agent to determine if coverage is provided.

(c) The disclosure required under paragraph (4) of subdivision (b) shall meet both of the following requirements:
(1) The disclosure shall be printed in not less than 14-point boldface type on a single sheet of paper that contains no information other than the disclosure.
(2) The disclosure shall include the following language in capital letters:
Amended Sec. 1, Ch. 804, Stats. 1995. Effective January 1, 1996. Supersedes Sec. 2, Ch. 342.

CA CHP Motorcycles and Similar Vehicles - pdf version
Motorcycle - >= 150 cc displacement
motor-driven cycle - < 150 cc displacement
moped or motorized bicycle -
Section 406(a) VC refers to a moped or motorized bicycle as any two or three wheeled device having fully operative pedals for propulsion by human power, or having no pedals if powered solely by electrical energy, has an automatic transmission, and a motor which produces less than 2 gross brake horespower and is capable of propelling the device at a maximum speed of not more than 30 miles per hour on level ground.

Section 406(b) VC refers to a motorized bicycle as a device that has fully operative pedals for propulsion by human power and has an electric motor that:
  • Has a power output of not more than 1,000 watts;
  • Is incapable of propelling the device at a speed of more than 20 miles per hour on level ground; and
  • Is incapable of further increasing the speed of the device when human power is used to propel the motorized bicycle faster than 20 miles per hour.
It's not clear to me if you can have an electric motor powered bicycle (with pedals) and a 2 HP electric motor?  I think if it's got an automatic transmission then 2 HP (1492 Watts) is OK without the auto trans 1000 Watts shaft output is the limit, i.e. the electrical input will be higher than 1 kW).

IA problem with the motorcycle is that there is no provision for pedal power because the vehicle weight is much to high.  So for a vehicle to have a motor and pedal power it needs to be as light as possible.  That's especially important if climbing hills is involved and not so important on flat ground. See:
Electric Vehicles: Design and Build Your Own by Michael Hackleman, April 1977, ISBN: 0-915238-17-9 (Amazon.com)


A 2 HP electric motor in a vehicle weighing 125 pounds would be a target.  The Sun EZ-3 SX Tadpole might be a starting place.
Next, see if something like the Sick Bike Parts Jack Shaft Shifter Kit can be used to mount a motor so it drives the pedal crank or chain?
Look into a new vehicle that would use the Cloud Electric Package Electrathon CloudEV/Scott Upgrade 1.6+ HP Motor, Alltrax Programmable Controller and the Sick Bike Parts Jack Shaft Shifter Kit.  This would use tires that can hold more weight (400 # total curb weight).
A frame something like for patent 5263732 (below) except with battery mounting and maybe suspension if there's some weight available.

There are a number of considerations.

Drive Method

Most drive methods are not compatible with regenerative braking because of the freewheel that's needed to allow coasting without forcing the pedals to turn.
Also all the information I've been able to gather shows the efficiency to be considerable below 10%.  Not sure why that's the case.

Tire Friction Drive

Easy installation - very poor efficiency.  Does not work in snow, rain, sand or gravel
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627066 (see above)
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3 electric motors in a single housing drive a common reduction gear
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engine is hung behind pedels and friction wheel drives rear wheel
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gas engine at center of frame drives friction roller on top of rear wheel
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3361917 Permanent Magnet Motor, D. C. Stahly, Jan 2 1968, -

Drive Through Pedal Shaft

Uses gear box and allows existing gearing to be used for hill climbing.  Heavy.  Down gearing in front of pedal shaft then up gearing is inefficient.
596272 Electrical Bicycle, Hosea W. Libbey, Dec 28 1897, 310/66 ; 310/268 - electric motor between pedels
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when starting or when pedaling hard =power mode, otherwise economy mode.

Direct Drive to Rear Wheel

Requires a second drive chain or belt to rear wheel that has a second freewheel to allow pedaling without the motor.
6011366 Electric bicycle, Seiji Murakami et al (Sanyo), 318/1; 318/139; 180/220; 180/231; 180/652 - belt drive pully added to rear wheel
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5433284 Electrical bicycle, Wen-Cheng Chou, 180/205; 180/220; 180/652; 280/214 - ring and pinion to motor shaft is at 90 deg to rear axle

Wheel Hub Motor

Adds unsprung mass and stronger gyroscopic forces.  Very inefficient when hill climbing.  May trip thermal breaker on long hill climb.
Hub motors are simple when only one is being used but there are restrictions on the frame size and brake size to accomodate the large size.
Rear-wheel hub motors preclude the use of internal-gear hubs.  Most preclude use of disk brakes. 

The simplest type of hub motor has a drum lined with permanent magnets attached to the bicycle wheel and a center assembly with a number of coils attached to the bicycle frame.  There is no gearing.  Note when the coils are not activated, i.e. the motor is not being used there will be "cogging" similar to how a stepper motor feels when its shaft is turned.  This is caused by the permanent magnets being attracted to the iron cores of the coils.

Geared hub motors do not have this problem because they have a freewheel feature.  That also means the geared hub motor can not provide regenerative braking like the simplest type of hub motor.

The speed provided by hub motors varies by motor make, power-rating and wheel size. 
552271 Electrical Bicycle, Ogden Bolton Jr, Dec 31 1895, 180/220 ; 310/67R - hub electric motor
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when starting or when pedaling hard =power mode, otherwise economy mode.

Jack Shaft Drive to Rear Wheel

2008/0066984 A1 Electric Bicycle with Jackshaft Assembly, Ronald Holland, 180/207 - Claims better than the other methods, but at the expense of complexity.
7108097 Power assisted recumbent bicycle and power unit, Brent Cecil Bolton et al (ECO Speed),  Sep 19, 2006, 180/205 ; 280/288.1
a jackshaft allow use of the rear wheel gearing
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Direct vs. Indirect Steering

Direct steering has the hand grips connected to the hub with a short solid tube.  The wheels are interconnected with a link that sets the toe in.  Strong simple and reliable.
Linkage steering has a handlebar with links to the two steering wheels.  Has Ackerman geometry (WikiRC Tek).  Improved geometry and maybe less effort required??
Indirect steering allow relocating the steering, like in a Velomobile.
2009/0224524 A1Lean to steer recumbent vehicle, Lawrence Rathsack, - tadpole design
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- tadpole with space frame & Ackerman geometry
patent 5263732 tadpole tricycle
                space frame
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Called By:
6581947 Steerage of a vehicle, Jun 24, 2003 - hand powered tadpole
6709013 Land vehicle with lever steering, Mar 23, 2004 - for-aft levers steer 2 front wheels
D493391 Three wheeled vehicle, (Huffy) Jul 27, 2004 - kids tadpole with rear axle steering
7017685 Combination pedal/motor driven tricycle, Mar 28, 2006 - delta can stand or rear end for parking
7044491 Tricycle, May 16, 2006 - child's trike w/ rear wheel steering
7188853 Tricycle, Mar 13, 2007 - child's trike w/ rear wheel steering

Wheel size

The larger the diameter of the wheel the lower is the rolling friction and the easier the bike goes over bumps.  Also larger wheels have the hub higher off the ground and hence better ground clearance.  But smaller wheels change gearing to more torque and that's better for hill climbing.

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Electro Portal

LiFePO4 38120P Battery: 51.2V 10Ah (512 Wh, 60A rate ) with PCM (48.0) - might make possible a 2-wheel bicycle w/Jack Shaft Gearing (Stick Bike Parts).
Battery mounted above rear wheel, motor just above crank, jack shaft on seat frame tube.
Maybe turn motor 90 degrees and use worm drive as part of gearing thus making for a narrower front profile.

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