Electric Generators

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Capstone MicroTurbine -
This company sells a 20 kW model with a stated efficiency of 27%, in versions for low and high pressure gas feed. The large fridge-sized cabinet of this system received the "Good Design" award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design", the oldest industrial design prize in the world.
Elliott Energy Systems - Unison Alternators
Elliott is the only manufacturer to provide systems of different power output: in addition to 45 kW and 80 kW models, a 200 kW model is in the pipeline. The systems produced by the UK packager Bowman are also based on the Elliott microturbines.
Exide Technologies - GNB Technologies -

Foster Wheeler Corporation

GE Power Systems - GE Micro Gen -

Honda - Manes a number of generators that are much lighter than the competition.

CycloConverter Generators
2523090 Parallel Operation of Converters, Westinghouse, Sep 19, 1950, 307/47 - oldest patent with the word CycloConverter (named in this patent)
7952230 Cycloconverter generator, Honda, May 31, 2011, 307/47 - Honda model EB3000c

Honeywell Power Systems Inc.

Previously known as AlliedSignal, this is the only major turbine manufacturer engaged  in producing microturbine systems. Honeywell systems are sold under the name Parallon 75 and have a 75 kW output with 28% efficiency.
Hpower - Fuel Cells

Ingersol-Rand Energy Systems - micro turbine

International Fuel Cells -

K-tronik International Corp. -

Kohler - Generators -

Marathon Electric, Inc -

Turbec AB

Turbec is a Swedish company created in 1998 by Volvo and ABB to complete the development, and market, the 100 kW VT 100, previously developed by Volvo Aero turbines. The company claims an efficiency of 30%. This is the only microturbine produced which from the start has had a thermal recuperation system for cogeneration applications.


American Power Systems -
DOE - Summary of Micro Turbine Technology.pdf - Advanced Micro Turbine ystems.pdf -

Makelim Power Systems is Stockton, CA Kohler dealer

Natural Gas, Italy - Microturbines for cogeneration -
SMP Electric - Microturbine -

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