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Started this page when researching the Sidewinder missile (Wiki) developed by China Lake Naval Weapons Center (Wiki), aka: Naval Ordnance Test Center (NOTS).  This missile uses IR guidance.  See the Related paragraph below for more IR and optical devices.
It turns out that the Navy was behind the VT Fuze (Wiki) and that they both depend on a radio fuze that functions in a very similar manner.  That's to say a three dimensional map of the trigger envelope comes close to a three dimensional map of the shrapnel.

The first patent on what turned out to be RADAR (Wiki) is this one:
1981884 System for detecting objects by radio, Lawrence A Hyland (Wiki), Albert H. Taylor (Wiki), Leo C. Young (Wiki), Nov 27, 1934, 342/27, 367/128, 342/453, 340/991, 342/407 -

Experimental RADAR at US Naval Research Laboratory, Anacostia, D.C. late 1930s (from Wiki)

See Pushing the horizon (Ref 18) pg 91 for a photo of Building 12 in the summer of 1940 showing this
and three other antennas.
Experimental RADAR at US Naval Research
                      Labratory, Anacostia, D.C. late 1930s (from Wiki)
Note that this first RADAR was not pulsed, but rather a CW (Wiki) type more like a Doppler RADAR (Wiki).  The SD RADAR ( used on subs early in W.W.II only had an "A" range (2 to 30 miles) display, not the PPI (Wiki) rotating type display.  In 1943 the SJ RADAR with PPI display was introduced.

Sep 2017 - a photo dated September, 5, 1947 on eBay has the following caption:
"General Electric's motion detector, using the principle of the VT fuze, is displayed here by W.C. White, left, Research Laboratory electrinics engineer, and H.S. Lasher, a research engineer.  Five-inch-long microwaves are sent out by the papabolic (sic) reflector, which also receives the reflected signal.  When motion is detected the device can be made to operate a light, ring a bell, and perform other tasks."

A 5 inch wavelength corresponds to a frequency of (speed of light / 5") 2,362 Mhz (Wiki: S Band)
a photo
                    dated September, 5, 1947 on eBay has the following
                    caption: "General Electric's motion detector,
                    using the principle of the VT fuse, is displayed
                    here by W.C. White, left, Research Laboratory
                    electrinics engineer, and H.S. Lasher, a research
                    engineer. Five-inch-long microwaves are sent out by
                    the papabolic (sic) reflector, which also receives
                    the reflected signal. When motion is detected the
                    device can be made to operate a light, ring a bell,
                    and perform other tasks."
a photo
                      dated September, 5, 1947 on eBay has the following
                      caption: "General Electric's motion detector,
                      using the principle of the VT fuse, is displayed
                      here by W.C. White, left, Research Laboratory
                      electrinics engineer, and H.S. Lasher, a research
                      engineer. Five-inch-long microwaves are sent out
                      by the papabolic (sic) reflector, which also
                      receives the reflected signal. When motion is
                      detected the device can be made to operate a
                      light, ring a bell, and perform other

2193361 High frequency apparatus Rice Chester W, Gen Electric, Mar 12, 1940, 342/104, 367/91, 343/756, 342/461, 343/836 - differential Doppler - Referenced by 40 patents

In "
The Deadly Fuze" (Ref 1) it's mentioned that British worked on a Photo Electric Fuze (as did the U.S.) so I searched for patents related to that and there are a lot of them.  Some of them where the publication date is about 20 years after the filing date indicating that they were classified secret.  The level of detail indicates that they may be been manufactured in production quantities, probably for  some special application.  Note that the Sidewinder missile uses thermal IR for guidance and so a PE Fuze that was sensitive to thermal IR would work very well and not be susceptible to jamming.

Note that proximity fuzes can be used on different platforms.  Bombs and rockets experience much less acceleration than artillery shells.  Also bombs and rockets do not spin at all.  So the early work on proximity fuzes was done on bombs and rockets and then later, as high-G components were developed, they applied to shells.

While there are patents the have illustrations that look like production VT fuses, I think 2959128 and more important 3001476 are the heart of the magnetic proximity fuse based on the time delay between the priority date and issue date, i.e. top secret classification.  These patents are about antennas that can stand the very high wind velocity of projectiles and not vibrate.  The method of operation is to have a magnet (either electro or permanent) and a coil to sense a change in the magnetic filed.  This is very different from the "magnetic influence" exploder used on W.W.II torpedoes which did NOT work.

Flak Training for Pilots in WW 2 - T.F. I-3389, 1944 - no mention of lethal radius, i.e. how far the burst needs to be for safety.
Horizontal: 300 MPH = 440 feet per second,
Vertical: roughly 1000 feet per second, if 50 foot lethal radius then timing accuracy of 50 milli seconds needed.  There are two aspects how repeatable are the shells and are they set to the correct time delay.  The proximity fuze was developed to solve this problem where NBS and Harry Diamond were involved.


Proximity Fuzes

There are two fundamentally different weapons platforms that make use of the proximity fuze and the key difference is if it spins on the long axis.

Rifled Barrel

Projectiles fried from a rifled barrel have very high (20,000G) set back forces and spin.  Both of these make a reserve battery that uses a glass vial of battery acid work well.  The set back force can be use with a "breaker" to open the glass capsule.  The spin can be used to force the acid into the battery plates.

Development of these fuzes was done by the Navy along with the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.

Smooth Bore (see Army Fuzes below)

Mortars, rockets with non rolling air frames and bombs have lower forces and no spin so reserve batteries are not a good choice.

The development of these fuzes was done by the Army and Harry Diamond leading a group at the NBS which included Wilbur S. Hinman, Jr., Allen V. Astin, Cledo Brunetti, Jacob Rabinow.  (also see Radiosonde Theory)

Bomb fuzes need to work in very cold temperatures where dry batteries have low or no output.

Table of China Lake Related Weapons

1944-1951 Tiny Tim (rocket) Air to ground (Ship) none
1944-1955 Holy Moses (rocket) Air to ground unguided rocket none
1948-1953 AAM-N-5 Meteor Air to Air missile semi active RADAR 8.9"
1949 LTV-N-4 Experimental Rocket none
1950 - 1954 Ram (rocket) Air to ground (Tank) none
1951 - 1969 RUR-4 Weapon Alpha Surface ship to submarine rocket
1954–1956 Gimlet (rocket) Air to air/air to ground none
1956 - now
AIM-9 Sidewinder Air to Air missile designed to shoot down bombers, not fighters.
IR 5"
1960s - 1990s AGM-62 Walleye Air to Ground bomb TV guided
250 - 2000 lb
1956–1963 BOAR (rocket) Air to Ground W7 Nuke (Wiki)
1958 Hopi (missile) Air to Surface W50 (Wiki) Nuke bomb

1959 Terasca Sounding Rocket none
1965 AGM-45 Shrike Air to Ground anti-radiation missile (see: RWR Shrike)
1968 C. L. Grenade Launcher 40mm grenade launcher
YouTube: China Lake 40mm Pump Action Grenade Launcher
see patent
3435549 on my 40mm web page.
1979 CL-20 solid rocket fuel na
1983 - now Tomahawk missile Surface ship or submarine to ground Terrain Contour Matching (Wiki) ?
2000 - now SLAM-ER Ship/Air to ground/ship missile

In addition the China Lake folks also patented civilian ideas like garage door openers, headlight dimmers, &Etc.

Reserve Batteries

A reserve battery (Wiki) "is a primary battery where part is isolated until the battery needs to be used. When long storage is required, reserve batteries are often used, since the active chemicals of the cell are segregated until needed, thus reducing self-discharge.".  They are used in Sonobuoys where salt water is the electrolyte and Radiosondes where room temperature tap water is used for activation as well as proximity fuzes.

This is one of the modular components of the proximity fuse.  It's my understanding that all of the proximity fuzes use the same reserve battery, setback switch, Centrifugal switch and I suspect other components so that they do not need to be engineered for every new project.

Capsule to hold reserve battery electrolyte.  This is a promotional item made by GE.  There were other promotional ads, like for the vacuum tubes that would survive being fired from a gun.
If 30 million were made over 2 years that's about 40,000 per day.
Somewhere else I read that Christmas tree lights were impossible to get (the box says "hard to get").

Fuzes designed for artillery make use of the very high G forces to break the glass capsule allowing the reserve battery to operate.  It's not clear to me what activates the reserve battery in a bomb or missile proximity fuze.  Reference 11 (pg 134) says that rockets have enough set back force to break the glass.  Bombs use a generator rather than reserve battery as do some rockets.  Generators used either a propeller or turbine.  In some cases the generator shaft turned a gear train that set off the initiator after some number of revolutions as a self destruct mechanism.  The frequencies coming out of the generator, no matter what the bomb or missile speed, needed to be out of the audio range of the received signal.  Hence the 6-pole generator rather than a 3-pole design which would have cost less.

From Reference 11 (pg 138):

Perchloric Cell
Reserve Battery
Dry Cell
Flashlight Battery
Lead Acid Cell
Car Battery
-60 c
-25 c
-65 c
Flash Amps
(small cells)
(small cells)
1 Ohm
150 Ohm
5.6 Ohm

The generators were AC alternators with stationary windings for filament and plate voltages and rotors holding permanent magnets (then Alnico II or IV).  That's to say they were essentially DC permanent magnet motors but without brushes.  Ref 11 pg 145.

                    Shell with a Radio Brain! . . . the true story of a
                    mighty secret weapon of World War II
There's an ad by the National Carbon Company (Eveready) "The Shell with a Radio Brain! . . . the true story of a mighty secret weapon of World War II", that claims Eveready batteries were used in the VT Fuse.  I don't see how that's possible other than in prototypes.  If you know more about this let me know.
The problem with primary batteries is their limited shelf life.  Reserve batteries are a way to get around that problem.

Fig 1 A Bitter Pill
Proximity VT
                    Fuze (fuse) Capsule to hold reserve battery
A Bitter Pill
for the
Japs and Nazis
Fig 2
Proximity VT
                    Fuze (fuse) Capsule to hold reserve battery
One of the biggest problems making the glass
capsule was to make sure that it broke only when
you wanted it to.  It had to be strong enough not
to break when handling ammunition; yet it had
to break when fired in low velocity projectiles
(rockets) or high velocity projectiles (anti-air
craft).  G-E's glass technologists solved the problem
and produced the capsules on machines used to
make Christmas tree lamp bulbs - which is one
reason why Christmas tree lights were hard to get!
               Lamp Department
               General () Electric
Fig 3  Diagram of VT Fuse
Proximity VT
                    Fuze (fuse) Capsule to hold reserve battery

Fig 4
Proximity VT
                    Fuze (fuse) Capsule to hold reserve battery
The glass tube at left is 0.2465" OD (probably called 1/4").
The ID is 0.183" and length is 2.137

The bulbs are about 5/8" diameter x 1.4" long.
Over thirty million of these glass capsules
were produced by General Electric's Lamp
Department to make the "VT" radio prox-
imity fuse a practical success and one of
our most effective defenses against Kamikaze
attacks (Jap suicide planes).  When the
shell is fired the capsule shatters, freeing
the electrolyte which makes the battery
operative.  A tiny "radio station" then
sends out radio waves which, if reflected
by any target 70 feet or less away, detonate
the projectile at the ideal distance for
maximum effect.
(See back of box for more details)


                      Generator for emergency lamps, Gunnar A F
                      Winckler, Filed: 1936-02-11
2147116 Generator for emergency lamps, Gunnar A F Winckler, Filed: 1936-02-11, Pub: 1939-02-14, -

This unit depends on the absorbent material at the bottom all the cells to suck up all the electrolyte.  If this does not happen then the series connected cells will short out.  I very much doubt this was a viable product, but it has the look and feel of the reserve battery used in the proximity fuze.
                              Electrically energized fuse, Jr Nathaniel
                              B Wales, Filed: 1942-01-13 (W.W.II) Pub:
                              Electrically energized fuse, Jr Nathaniel
                              B Wales, Filed: 1942-01-13 (W.W.II) Pub:

2403567 Electrically energized fuse, Jr Nathaniel B Wales, Filed: 1942-01-13 (W.W.II) Pub: 1946-07-09, -

There are two versions.  Fig 1 is for munitions shot from guns and Fig 2 is for bombs (Fig 3) and rockets.

Wales also has patents on the Bazooka base detonator
                              Deferred action battery, Pitt Arnold,
                              Filed: 1947-05-15
                              Deferred action battery, Pitt Arnold,
                              Filed: 1947-05-15

2534056 Deferred action battery, Pitt Arnold, Filed: 1947-05-15, Pub: 1950-12-12, -
2605299 Primary
                      galvanic cell, Teas Jean Paul, Union Carbide,
2605299 Primary galvanic cell, Teas Jean Paul, Union Carbide, 1952-07-29, -

Replaces the zinc cup in the classical "dry cell" to avoid the problems that causes (leaking).

Jean P. Teas is mentioned in "12 Seconds of Silence" (RWR Ref 3) as part of the team that developed the reserve battery for the proximity fuze.
2656401 Breaker
                      mechanism for deferred action batteries, Franklin
                      L Everett, Navy, Filed: 1945-06-28 (W.W.II) Pub:
2656401 Breaker mechanism for deferred action batteries, Franklin L Everett, Navy, Filed: 1945-06-28 (W.W.II) Pub: 1953-10-20, -

Subminiature Tubes

This got started after seeing the YouTube on subminiature tubes for the proximity fuze (Ref 26) and hearing aids (also RC model remote controls).
Norman Krim (Wiki) at Raytheon subminiature tube development. Raytheon CK5676 shown.  CK549DX shown in 1954 Acousticon Hearing Aid.
John Eng's Rescue: Subminiature Tubes -
RK61 - Gas Triode Receiving Tube - single tube garage door openers and RC models.

2355083 Electrode assembly for discharge tubes, Norman B Krim, Raytheon, App: 1941-01-03, W.W.II, Pub: 1944-08-08, -
2476940 Subminiature type vacuum tube structure, Wood Ross, Raytheon, 1949-07-19, -
3113235 Rugged vacuum tube, Henry H Porter, Karrer Sebastian, Raymond D Mindlin, James A Van Allen, Secretary of the Navy, App: 1944-01-24, TOP SECRET, Pub: 1963-12-03, - subminiature tube for firing from guns for Proximity Fuze.

I've read that Remote Control model airplanes is another area where subminature tubes may have proceeded the proximity fuze, but so far have not found patents.
Model Aviation: The history of Radio Control -
Radio Control History -
2437558 Precision radio remote-control system, Edgar L Rockwood, App: 1943-03-12, [W.W.II], Pub: 1948-03-09, - tubes, reeds, proportional control
2522893 Remote-control system, Ellison S Purington, RCA, App: 1945-04-05 [W.W.II] Pub: 1950-09-19, - 100 MHz carrier, tones of: 52, 64, 56 & 68 kHz with 100 RPM commutator.
2539618 Vibration responsive apparatus, Walter A Good, Wenrich Loran, Navy, App: 1946-01-15 [W.W.II] Pub:  1951-01-30, - vibrating reed tachometer
2832426 Teledynamic system for the control of self-propelled vehicles, William A Seargeant, 1958-04-29, - tubes, but what type?
2867394 Pulse control of programming device for aircraft, Frank P Schmidt, 1959-01-06, - with no input control motor goes to neutral position
3151297 High gain superregenerative detectors, Toomim Hershel, Electrosolids Corp, 1964-09-29, -
May have been used in Proximity Fuzes from a thread on the Antique Radios web site:
Since Proximity Fuze tubes would have been custom designed since they were made in very high volumes, the filament voltage would have been 1.25, i.e. to work with a single cell battery.  6.3 V filaments might be for fuzes with wind powered generators, like on bombs, rockets and mortars.
The 5643 thyratron may be a candidate.
sharp cut off pentode
half wave rectifier

half wave rectifier

PA Pentode
Pentode, beam
sharp cut off pentode
twin triode
twin triode

Gas regulator

Gas regulator

dual diode

twin diode
dual diode
dual diode
twin triode
power pentode
PA Pentode

From a post on the Tube Collectors Association:
The submin types that Raytheon theoretically registered in 1948 were the 2B24, 2C27, and 2E27. The "registration" was type-number-only because the characteristics were considered classified (BFD).  The unclassified ones were the 2D29 and 2E29.



Audio amp

Cold Cathode Thyratron (Wiki) - Thyratrons are used in many W.W.II ear fuzes.
T-172 mortar: 2C27, 2E27/2E29, 2D29
UK: CV474 - b8d base, 0.4"dia x  1.5" long.

Audio amp

Sputnik, Transit & GPS

I watched a documentary on Amazon Prime (17 Feb 2019) titled "The Lonely Halls Meeting" (IMDB).  It gave the credit to the Air Force for inventing GPS, but after finding the patent shown in the documentary (the patent number was hidden, but the filing date May 12, 1958 was shown I found the patent and it was for the Transit (Wiki) navigation system, not GPS. So I initially posted the following on my Radar Warning Receiver web page.  But after doing more research I'm moving it here because it looks to me like the Navy was really the father of GPS (even though China Lake was not involved as far as I know).

A major event was the launch of Sputnik (Wiki) On 4 October 1957.

After the Powers U-2 shoot down on Mayday (1 May) 1960 these overflights were cancelled.  They were replaced by the Corona (Wiki) photo reconnaissance and GRAB (Wiki) satellites, both of which were operational within a year.  Note the GRAB ELINT (Wiki) package was designed to detect S-band radar, as used by the SA-2 (Wiki) that shot down Power's U-2 (Wiki).  This allowed mapping the location and functional parameters of all the SA-2 systems from space.

There is a GRAB display at the National Cryptographic Museum because it was the first ELINT (Wiki) satellite also see Spy Satellite (Wiki).

                      Transit Satellites
Note the photo at the top of the Wiki page for the Transit satellite shows the GRAB satellite sitting on top of it for a dual satellite launch.

Related pages:
MX 4102 Transit Satellite Receiver
Sputnik - Transit - GPS
Time & Frequency

Another response to Sputnik was the development of the Transit (Wiki) navigation satellite system (Electronics:Sputnik & Transit & GPS).  Transit depends on having an atomic frequency standard as part of the receiver, which makes for a very expensive receiving system.  Also the Nautilus (Wiki) Submarine needed to be on the surface for a long time (maybe a half hour or more) in order to record the full Doppler (Wiki) curve.  So a more cost effective satellite navigation system was wanted where the receivers cost less and the Time To First Fix (TTFF) was much shorter.  That system turned out to be GPS (Wiki - history).

There is an Amazon Prime documentary titled "The Lonely Halls Meeting" (IMDB) with some information on the development of GPS from the Air Force perspective.  The following patent was referenced as the invention of GPS, but it relates to the Transit (Wiki) satellite navigation system.  They point to Bradford Parkinson (Wiki) as the "inventor" of GPS but Wiki says "he led the re-architecture of the concept".  His first patent (5726659) was filed in 1995.  The GPS Wiki says "Roger L. Easton of the Naval Research LaboratoryIvan A. Getting (Wiki: Project Nobska) of The Aerospace Corporation, and Bradford Parkinson of the Applied Physics Laboratory are credited with inventing it."  So the documentary is slanted in favor of the Air Force.  Note that the principal inventor and designer of the Global Positioning System, Roger Easton is not mentioned in the documentary.  He holds a number of patents starting in 1955.  The documentary also claimed that CDMA (Wiki) was developed for GPS, but the Wiki page says it came from Russia.  While GPS does make use of CDMA, I'm not aware of it being invented on the GPS program.  Gold code (Wiki) is an implementation of CDMA that minimizes the cross correlation between signals and was developed within GPS.  Maybe that's what they meant to say in the documentary?
The Space Review: Who invented the Global Positioning System? by Richard Easton (Roger's son), May 22, 2006 - Has a table comparing the Navy's Timation sattelite (Wiki)) and the Air Force 621B satellite (Wiki).  To my reading Timation was the key contributor.

Characteristic Timation (Wiki)
621B (Wiki)
Number of satellites 27 3 or 4 groups of 5 24 satellites and 3 spares
OrbitsNote3 12,875 km (8 hour orbit, though the 12 hour orbit was also proposed) Geosynchronous or near geosynchronous or high altitude circa 40,000 km 20,300 km, 12.0 sidereal hour orbits
Signal sidetone rangeNote 1 Pseudo random sequence Pseudo random sequence Note 2
Time setting on satellites Atomic clocks on each satellite - periodic updates from ground stations No clocks on satellites - time transmitted from seven ground stations Atomic clocks on each satellite - periodic updates from ground stations

Note 1: Sidetone Ranging:

"Tracking, Command, Control and Data Acquisition of NASA Flight Programs, Tracking includes sidetone ranging:
Analysis of the "range and Range Rate" Tracking System, 1962 - sidetone ranging on page 3
the book "High Precision Navigation and Geodetic Methods by Linkwitz & Hangleiter, 1989, - page 475 has equations and details and that STR is much better than Time Of Flight (Wiki: TOA)

Note 2: Pseudo Random Sequence

Because of the process gain (Wiki) involved with the pseudo random code the GPS signal on the surface of the Earth is below the thermal noise (Wiki).  This means that someone who looks for the signal on a spectrum analyzer will not see it.  That's to say it is a covert signal.  In order to detect the GPS signal you need to know how it's modulated.

Another aspect of this is that all GPS satellites transmit on the same channel.  That's to say they all are interfering with each other.  So the signal to noise ratio is always the same since the interfering signals are always about the same.  Improving the s/n ratio can only be done by good processing of the signal, not conventional analog methods.

Note 3 Orbits

The documentary says the orbit height was chosen based on the throw weight (Wiki) of the known type of booster rocket and the trade off between the satellite weight versus the weight of the inter orbit rocket.  The result was an orbit with a period (Wiki) around 12 hours.  I've also read that a period of 12:00:00 sidereal (Wiki) hours was chosen so that the ground track (Wiki) would repeat.  This would make testing the system much easier during the time before all the satellites were functional.
3384891 Method and system for long distance navigation and communication, Roy E Anderson, GE, 1965-02-11, 342/357.64; 455/13.1; 968/922; 342/353 -
3643259 Navigation satellite system employing time synchronization, Ronald S Entner, 1970-02-20, 342/357.21; 701/492 - maybe using Timation satellite (Wiki) to improve Inertial Nav.
3789409 Navigation system using satellites and passive ranging techniques, R Easton, 1970-10-08, 342/357.21 -
CA986611 Navigation by means of a passive ranging technique, Navigation by means of a passive ranging technique, Roger L. Easton, Navy, 1973-09-11, - Maybe the first GPS patent?
3172108 Method of navigation, Frank T Mcclure, Navy, based on application serial 736435 filed May 12, 1958 (7 months after Sputnik).  150 MHz only Transit system.  Precision time (frequency) standard (51) needed to get 1 mile accuracy (but Fig 2 shows between 158 to 316 feet error).  The Earth's rotation is taken into account. 
3191176 Method of navigation, William H Guier, Navy, 1962-09-18 - The McClure system is "expensive and complicated"  This is a Transit system operating at 150 & 400 MHz.
3906204 Satellite positioning apparatus, James W Rigdon, Saburo Ifune, Leroy D Graber, Seiscom Delta Inc, 1973-04-20, 701/514; 342/357.22; 342/357.25; 342/357.65; 342/357.59 - Transit using Doppler
4555708 Dipole ring array antenna for circularly polarized pattern, Douglas K. Waineo, Sam S. Wong, Air Force, 1984-01-10, - the documentary pointed out how this antenna cut the power requirement for a GPS satellite in half because it shapes the power to the Earth gets a more uniform coverage.  Quite a big deal and the antenna system still used on the current satellites.

A key GPS patent is by Trimble (Trimpack)
4754465 Global positioning system course acquisition code receiver, Charles R. Trimble, 1984-05-07, - This design uses a very simple (inexpensive) RF front end and a low speed microprocessor to deliver a complete GPS receiver.  I believe the Trimpack was the receiver requested by the troops in Desert Storm (Wiki: Gulf War), not the marine and aircraft units shown in the documentary.

4972431 P-code-aided global positioning system receiver, Richard G. Keegan, Magnavox Electronic Systems Co, 1989-09-25, 375/150; 342/357.69; 380/258 - by squaring P-code, not as good as Ashtech method (US5134407A).  In both these cases precision  surveying can be done without knowing the secret P-code key.

5040240 Receiver architecture for use with a global positioning system, Richard G. Keegan, Magnavox Electronic Systems Co, 1989-11-30, 455/260; 342/356; 342/357.63; 342/357.72; 342/357.75; 455/264; 455/315; 701/468 - cleaver synchronization of LOs and sampling to lower phase errors.

Also see my GPS & Satellite Navigation patents web page.

Space Fence AN/FPS-133, NAVSPASUR (Wiki)

Roger L. Easton, the father of GPS also invented the Space Fence.  Found that out when looking at his patents.

This was a 216 MHz Radar system designed to detect satellites and determine their orbital parameters (Wiki).  It was shut down in 2013 and has been replaced by an S-Band (Wiki) system.

3122741 Device for detecting objects in space, Roger L Easton, Navy, 1961-03-30, - 
3603885 Spectrographic IF preselector, Charles A Bartholomew, Roger L Easton, Navy, 1965-03-30, - "A device for automatically tuning interferometer-type receivers in a space surveillance system comprising receiving means, a comb filter comprising a plurality of channels, each including a filter, and a tuning means connected to each filter." 108 MHz input with 16 kHz bandwidth.  Today DSP filtering would be used instead of the 256 discrete 30 Hz BW crystal filters used here. (256 chan* 30Hz = 7680 Hz, not 16 kHz?)  The IF output is between 16 kHz and 32 kHz.  The Agilent 4395A spectrum analyzer could replace almost all of this patent and provide a true 1 Hz IF bandwidth.
3504367 Method of ranging compatible with space surveillance system, Roger L Easton, Navy, 1963-02-28, 342/83; 342/129; 342/127 - only requires 2 locations, the prior versions required a pair of receiving stations located on either side of the transmitting station, 3 stations in total.  range info by shifting the Tx frequency.
3406397 Satellite angle and altitude measuring system, Roger L Easton, Thomas B McCaskill, Navy, 1967-07-21,
342/156; 342/357.52; 342/127; 342/146 -

2020 March 27 Space Force:
USSF announces initial operational capability and operational acceptance of Space Fence - "...initial operational capability and operational acceptance of the Space Fence radar system, located on Kwajalein Island in the Republic of the Marshall Islands,... Information about objects tracked by the SSN is placed in the space catalog on (requires mil login ID)....capable of detecting objects in orbit as small as a marble in low earth orbit (LEO)."

A parallel optical method of detecting satellites was the GEODSS (Wiki) system made by TRW.  Another was the Baker-Nunn camera (Wiki).

NOSS (Wiki)

Looking for patents.  This is an outgrowth of the HawkEye360 satellites. - NOSS Double and Triple Satellite Formations -
Paul D. Maley - Spy Satellites -
Wiki: SAR,

3806929 Method for the detection of radar targets, R Moore, Navy, 1974-04-23, -
4101891Surface roughness measuring system, Atul Jain, NASA, 1978-07-18, -
4204655 Broadband interferometer and direction finding missile guidance system, Joseph F. Gulick, James S. Miller, Alan J. Pue, Navy, App: 1978-11-29, Pub: 1980-05-27, 244/3.19; 342/375; 342/424- works as part of the guidance system of a rolling air frame missile.  Allows pointing an (optical?antenna) device at the source of the signal.  This needs to be done using a frequency independent method.
4292634 Real-time multiple-look synthetic aperture radar processor for spacecraft applications, Chialin Wu, Vance C. Tyree, NASA, 1981-09-29, -
4494211 Balanced system for ranging and synchronization between satellite pairs, Jay W. Schwartz, Navy, App: 1982-11-24, Pub: 1985-01-15, 375/356; 368/47; 375/358; 701/531; 702/89; 73/1.44; 73/1.45; 968/922 -
4450444 Stepped frequency radar target imaging, Donald R. Wehner, Michael J. Prickett, Navy, 1984-05-22, -
4633255 Method for sea surface high frequency radar cross-section estimation using Dopler spectral properties, Dennis B. Trizna, Navy, 1986-12-30, - 3 to 6 Mhz
4851848 Frequency agile synthetic aperture radar, Donald R. Wehner, Navy, 1989-07-25, -
5233354 Radar target discrimination by spectrum analysis, Duane Roth, Larry M. Morrison, Navy, 1993-08-03, -
5719584 System and method for determining the geolocation of a transmitter, James C. Otto, SPHERIX Inc (Harris), App: 1996-09-03, Pub: 1998-02-17, 342/465; 342/387; 342/457 - combines Time and Angle of arrival methods.  Cited by 71 other patents.
5986972 Beam pattern shaping for transmitter array, Peter C. Li, Navy, 1999-11-16, -
7646327 Synthetic aperture radar motion estimation method, Will Freeman, Duane Roth, Navy, 2010-01-12, -
8023760 System and method for enhancing low-visibility imagery, David L. Buck, Brian T. Williams, Elan Sharghi, Navy, 2011-09-20, -
8422738 Adaptive automated synthetic aperture radar vessel detection method with false alarm mitigation, John C. Stastny, Michael R. Hughes, Keith Pifko, Daniel Garcia, Bryan Bagnall, Heidi Buck, Navy, 2013-04-16, -
8958602 System for tracking maritime domain targets from full motion video, Corey A. Lane, Heidi L. Buck, Joshua S. Li, Bryan D. Bagnall, John C. Stastny, Eric C. Hallenborg, Navy, 2015-02-17, -



In the Re column:

ASROC = Anti-Submarine ROCket (Wiki) started in service 1961
FAX = Fuel Air eXplosive (Wiki)
FFAR (Wiki) "Mighty Mouse" Folding Fin Aerial Rocket, 2.75" spin stabilized, used in Air-to-Ground roles
Fluidics Wiki
GlowStick = Glow Stick (Wiki)
HMD = Helmet-mounted display (Wiki)
JATO = Jet assisted take-off (Wiki)
PE Fuze = Photoelectric Fuze (precursor to radio proximity fuze)
ResBat =Reserve Battery
RWR = Radar Warning Receiver (see my RWR web page)
SADF = Safe and Arm Device + Fuze (Wiki)
Shrike = Shrike missile (Wiki)
SW = SideWinder (Wiki)
SWmfg = manufacturing equipment for Sidewinder
SWtest = test equipment for the Sidewinder
TRANSIT = TRANSIT satellite (Wiki)
TV =Television (Wiki)
VT Fuze = Proximity Fuze (Wiki) developed during W.W.II - Note can be used against aircraft or ground targets.  YouTube: Critical Challenge: A History of the Proximity Fuze presented by Stephen Phillips -
wEye = Wall eye (Wiki)

Patent Dates

Projects at China lake (it's not easy to correlate the patents with their project).  The below table is in more or less chronological order based on patent issue date.

Most patents are granted within a range of the same year to a few years after the application.  If the subject is a SECRET then the publication is delayed, in some cases forever, or other cases up to 40 years.  So whenever there's a long time delay between application (or priority) date and Issue/Publication date something special may be going on.

PS It's highly probable that most patents are granted on Tuesday.  I've never seen a non Tuesday publication date.  Be suspicious of a patent date that is not Tuesday.

Photoelectric Fuzes

PE fuzes were used on the 4.5" solid fuel M-8 rocket (Wiki). see Ref 7 for a lot of information on PE fuzes and some info on radio proximity fuzes.  The rocket was launched from the ground and Army Air Force planes.  2.5 million rockets were made for W.W.II.  The ground launched rocket was inaccurate.  The air launched rocket was inferior to the Navy 5" High Velocity Aircraft Rocket (Wiki: HVAR). 

The warhead for the HVAR included shells for the Navy 5"/38 gun.  Note these shells were fitted with radio proximity fuzes when used on guns so probably could also be used on the HVAR.

The TDU-11/B Rocket was used as a target for the Sidewinder missile. It was fitted with four 1" dia x 10" long flares.  The TDU-11 could be fired from the same plane that would launch the AIM-9 Sidewinder.


The tubes used in the proximity fuzes would work up to 200 Mhz.  The T-5 fuze for the M-8 rocket (Wiki) used three frequencies below that upper limit with code names of Red, Yellow, Green which were near the resonant frequency of the M8 rocket (Wiki).  It was 33" (0.838m) long.  If the resonant frequency corresponds to 1/2 wavelength then a wavelength is 1.676 m or a frequency of 179 MHz.  Ref 11 (pg 159).  Note Ref 11 was published in 1947 with a SECRET classification but the frequencies were at a higher classification, at least TOP SECRET.  Yet it's fairly easy to figure out.

For bombs the frequency codes were White and Brown.  Later a single frequency "Brown-20" was used for all bombs between 100 and 2,000 pounds.

Patent Table

Pat No.
Assigned to
Aerial torpedo Aug 30, 1921 Hugo Centervall Optically Guided smart bomb


Gravity Bomb
Sep 2, 1924 Elmer A. Sperry
Remote Radio control

Electric (contact) fuse for projectiles May 17, 1932 Herbert Ruhlemann Rheinische Metallw & Maschf
Electrical pyrometer resistance Nov 19, 1935 Samuel Ruben Vega Mfg

Electric fuse and setting apparatus
Time only 5 - 30 seconds for bombs (not shells)
5 year delay
Jr Nathaniel B Wales

2060206 PE Fuze
Hammond Jr John Hays so torpedo explodes under center of ship

2137598 PE Fuze
Artillery projectile - light activated

Mauritz Vos Ericsson Telefon Ab
Referenced by 48 patents

2193361 Doppler
High frequency apparatus Mar 12, 1940 Rice Chester W Gen Electric Wiki: Doppler RADAR

Electrical Translating System and Method (10 Ghz Oscillator?)

Russell H. Varian
Stanford Univ.

PE Fuze Firing Device
Sept. 9, 1941
Clyde B. Ferrel
Federal Ordnance Inc.
Photoelectric Fuze w/built-in light
Referenced by 38 patents
a precursor to the Radio based fuze.

Galvanic battery
Harry F French
National Carbon Co

2310623   Polarimetric apparatus (measure optical rotation)

Roger S Estey Spencer Lens Co  
2330694   Spectrometer
Estey Roger S, Harper Kennard W    

Snap-on propeller
(quick on or off, application?)
(2 year delay)
William B Mclean
Sec of War

Colorimetric apparatus
Estey Roger S, Harper Kennard W, Peck William F

or Gen
Electrically energized fuse 1942-01-13 Jr Nathaniel B Wales
may be first of this type
Automatic following system
(5 year delay)
Robert E Graham
Bell Labs

2404343 PE Fuze
Phototube and method of manufacture (Hi G)
Jul 16, 1946 Henderson Joseph E, Janes Robert B Secretary of Navy, Rca Corp
Electric Fuse and Setting Apparatus
10 to 40 seconds in 3 ranges
July 23 1946
N.B. Wales Jr.


High-frequency apparatus (Z matching)
Aug 27 1946
William W Hansen, John R Woodyard
Sperry Gyroscope Co Inc
Coaxial condenser crystal and method of making same
1N21, 1N23 cartridge  type
Aug 27 1946
Frederick L Salisbury
Sperry Gyroscope Co Inc

Apparatus for controlling missiles in flight
bomb follows radar beam (Wiki: beam riding)
Jan 14, 1947
(6 year delay)
Hunter Paul B Sperry Gyroscope Co Inc
2414836 SADF Timing unit for centrifugal switches Jan 28, 1947 Walter Rickmeyer Ernst Jefferson Electric Co
2414897 SADF Electrode attachment Jan 28, 1947 Walter Rickmeyer Ernst Jefferson Electric Co
2419828 SADF Setback switch Apr 29, 1947 Ferris Robert G Us Navy
2423885   Radiant energy detecting apparatus
(visible and thermal IR to locate ship)
Jul 15, 1947
(6 year delay)
Laurens Hammond  Referenced by 33 patents
2434723 SADF mfg
Means for measuring volumetric samples Jan 20, 1948 Ellen L Shook not assigned

SADF Switch Feb 10, 1948
(4 year delay)
Walter Rickmeyer Ernst Jefferson Electric Co
2436601 SADF Switch element Feb 24, 1948 Walter Rickmeyer Ernst

2436602 SADF Timing switch Feb 24, 1948 Walter Rickmeyer Ernst

Doppler Electronic squaring circuit May 11, 1948
( 4 year delay)
Berger France B, Higinbotham William A Jefferson Electric Co
2449862 SADF Centrifugal circuit breaker Sep 21, 1948
(4 year delay)
Walter Rickmeyer Ernst Jefferson Electric Co
2455620 SADF Centrifugal switch Dec 7, 1948
(4 year delay)
Sreb Jules H Sec of War -
2458470 SADF Centrifugal unshorting device Jan 4, 1949
(6 year delay)
Flett William J, Hafstad Lawrence R Secretary of the Navy

Rocket device
(6 year delay)
Charles C Lauritsen
Secretary of the Navy
2480563 SADF Safety device for fuses Aug 30, 1949
(6 year delay)
Ferris Robert G, Jordan James D Us Navy
Rocket projector = Bazooka (Wiki, Shaped Charge)
Feb 7, 1950
(7 year delay)
Skinner Leslie A, Uhl Edward G Sec of War -
2498026 SADF Mercury switch tester Feb 21, 1950 Brown Calvin F Secretary of the Navy
2498040 SADF Setback switch Feb 21, 1950
(7 year delay)
Ferris Robert G, Jerdan James D Secretary of Navy

2501787 SADF Closure and contact for mercury switches Mar 28, 1950
(5 year delay)
Walter Rickmeyer Ernst Jefferson Electric Co
2509527 SADF Centrifugal switch May 30, 1950
(5 year delay)
Walter Rickmeyer Ernst Jefferson Electric Co
Antenna and oscillator coil unit
(155 note spiral antenna coil)
May 30 1950
(7 year delay)
R.B. lBrode, R.G. Ferris
Secretary of the Navy
Nose structure for projectiles Jun 27, 1950
(7 year delay)
Dike Sheldon H, Ferris Robert G Us Navy
2522536 ? Mechanical acceleration integrator
Jacob Rabinow    
2523327   (airplane) Remote-control mechanism
Jacob Rabinow    
Electrical apparatus Oct 31, 1950
(5 year delay)
Dicke Robert H Sec of War -
maybe the SD radar used in subs

"to radio-echo detection systems of the
Doppler type "where the position of moving targets are determined" by changes in frequency of received signals."

2535274 RADAR
Moving Target Indicator (MTI)
Dec 26, 1950
(5 year dealy)
Dicke Robert H Sec of War -
Plan Position Indicator (Wiki: PPI)
Moving Target Indicator (Wiki: MTI)

2534056 ResBat
Deferred action battery Dec 12, 1950 Pitt Arnold (Canada)

2541603 SADF Fuse
(threaded 2 pin spanner to install)
Feb 13, 1951
(8 year delay)
Nichols Harry J not assigned

2542430   Automatic regulation of timepieces
Jacob Rabinow    
2544685 VT Fuze test
Testing device Mar 13, 1951 Jackson Frank H Secretary of the Navy
2558000  SADF Adjustable arming mechanism Jun 26, 1951 Jacob Rabinow    
2568762   Autofocus enlarger
Jacob Rabinow    
2575360   Magnetic fluid torque and force transmitting device
Rabinow Jacob    
2586861  SADF Arming cover for fuses (lockable, changes propeller arming)
Jacob Rabinow    
2593120 RADAR
Wave guide transmission system Apr 15, 1952
(7 year delay)
Dicke Robert H Us Sec War

2596171  SADF Pressure switch for fuses (high air velocity)
Jacob Rabinow    
2597758 VT test
Setback gauge May 20, 1952
(7 year delay)
Sreb Jules H Us Navy
Transmit receive device
Aug 5, 1952
(7 year delay)
Dicke Robert H Sec of War -
Wave guide T/R Switch

2611125 Doppler
Doppler radar system Sep 16, 1952
(7 year delay)
Dicke Robert H (Wiki)
Sec of War - looks like a microwave system that uses a "Magic-T" (see: 2686901)
maybe the SD radar used in subs


Radio object locating system
A-Scope display (Wiki)
(9 year delay)
Edwin K Stodola
Sec of War -
2622713   High-speed magnetic fluid clutch
Rabinow Jacob    
2624836 Noise
Radio noise transmitter
(to test radar for jamming, or why?)
Jan 6, 1953
(8 year delay)
Dicke Robert H Sec of War -
2624876 Pulse RADAR
Object detection system Jan 6, 1953
(8 year delay)
Dicke Robert H Sec of War -
Chirp pulse to get narrow pulse and high Tx energy w/o arcing

2629471   Radial flux magnetic fluid clutch
Rabinow Jacob    

Data transmission system
(8 year delay)
Andrew B Jacobsen
Dept of Navy

2644364   Cartridge case containing propelling rocket igniting charge and rocket projectile
Nass Walter R    
2647465  SADF Device to resist the disarming of bombs Aug 4, 1953 Jacob Rabinow Us Army  
2650237   Preparation of hexuronic acids and derivatives thereof
Elonza A Cleveland, Dean H Couch Corn Prod Refining Co  
2655033 ResBat
Spin-testing device
(2-1/2" dia x 10" long: 50,000 RPM)
Oct 13, 1953 Burrell Ellis Secretary of the Navy
2655566   Explosion-proof acoustic device (use in mine)
Pittinger Abraham L    
 (impact, see 1858969)
Oct 20, 1953
8 year delay)
Jordan James D Secretary of the Navy
2665896   Variable resistance acceleration sensitive device (accel transverse to travel)
Kirby Frank J, Vore Willis E    
2656401 ResBat
Breaker mechanism for deferred action batteries Oct 20, 1953
(8 year delay)
Franklin L Everett Secretary of the Navy
2667237   Magnetic fluid shock absorber
Rabinow Jacob    
2682047 VT/PE Fuze
Electrical control system for ordnance fuzes
(propeller drives gen for B+ DC pwr: bombs & rockets)
Needed because no hi-G force to break glass
Jun 22, 1954
(9 year delay)
Allen Harold P Us Navy
Breaker mechanism for frangible ampule in deferred action battery Jun 29, 1954
(10 year delay)
Henry H Porter Us Navy
2686901 RADAR
Turnstile junction for producing circularly polarized waves Aug 17, 1954
(9 year delay)
Dicke Robert H Us Navy
Magic-T (Wiki) Wave guide junction

VT/PE Fuze Electrically operated fuse
(9 year delay)
Edward J Naumann US Secretary of Navy
ResBat Electric generator
(9 year delay)
Ralph N Harmon, Edward J Naumann US Secretary of Navy
2690913   Magnetic memory device (disk hard drive juke box)
Jacob Rabinow    
2692035   Self-adjusting clutch or brake
Jacob Rabinow    
2695365 SW
Regulating turbine AC electric generator
powered by hot gas generator
Mclean William B  US Secretary of Navy  
2710578  SADF Arming device Jun 14, 1955
(11 year delay)
Jacob Rabinow    
2711133 SADF Fuse Jun 21, 1955
(10 Year delay)
Harvey Rines Robert

2712791 SADF Switch Jul 12, 1955
(13 year delay)
John Workman Everly, Max Bieakney Robert Secretary of the Navy
2715007   Gimbal mounting
Eli A Zeitlin    
2715725 VT Fuze test
Circuit tester for electronic fuzes for munitions Aug 16, 1955
(9 year delay)
Jackson Frank H Secretary of the Navy
2718603  SW Reference voltage generator
(absolute position output)
Mclean William B    
2725492   Dual range string accelerometer (meas + and - accel)

Wallace H Allan    
2725520  wEye Electrical error detector
Woodworth William H    
Proximity fuse adjusting means
Height above ground based on impedance
Dec 13, 1955
(11 year delay)
Bell Richard A Philco Corp
2727605   Electrodynamically operated clutch and brake
Jacob Rabinow    
2728221   Apparatus for applying fluid pressure
Reuben G Klammer    
2730654   Automatic headlight dimmer insensitive to ordinary lights
Jacob Rabinow    
2731521  wEye Magnetic amplifiers
 Crawford Jack A    
2732514 PE Fuze
Electron Tube
PE relay tube (combines PE & thyratron)
Jan 24, 1956
(12 year delay)
Joseph E. Henderson

2734384   Nutation Damper
Donald J. Stewart    
2743412  SW A. C. power supply driven by hot gas gen
William B Mclean  Sec of Navy
2743576   Propellant impelled turbine
Crockett Sydney Robert    
2743722   Free diving apparatus
Mclean William B    
2746352   Optical indicating device (auto colimator?)
May 22, 1956 Roger S Estey    
2750887   Motor mechanism for missiles (hi spin not sidewinder)
Marcus Stanley J  M16 MRLS (Wiki)? 4.5" dia
2752850   Self-propelled missile (3-Fin 2" dia) Gimlet
Mclean William B, Warner Arthur H    
2760188 PE Fuze Proximity control device
(minimizes low frequency noise in tube)
(5 year delay)
Guanella Gustav, Guttinger Paul RADIO PATENTS Co
2761309   Method for determining high intensity transient stresses in impulsively loaded bodies
Pearson John, John S Rinehart    
2766662   Rocket with electrical contact of wire screen (not SW)
Marcus Stanley J, Mcclung Roderick M, Weinland Clarence E    
2768259 SADF Inertia switch Oct 23, 1956 Bild Charles F, Young Felix H not assigned

2768874   Method of making hydroxylamine perchlorate
Robson Iii John H    
2769137   Single bias voltage curve shaping network
Creusere Melville C    
2770885   Contact indicator for adjustable spherometer
Mapes Joe M    

Gyroscopic roll control system for aircraft
like Rolleron except pivot shaft is 90 deg to C.L.
Sydney R Crockett
not assigned

2779287  SADF Contact fuze (cluster bombs)
Andrews Laurence M, Jacob Rabinow    
2779288   Propellant powder and process for making same
Besser Eli D, Joseph Cohen    
2794756   Reinforced plastic article
Roy F Leverenz    
2795661   Spring wound mechanical intervalometer
Kielman Leo L    
2795705   Optical coincidence devices (data base)
Jacob Rabinow    
2798433   Stable sabot (fire missile from gun)
Allan Wallace H    
2798995  SW Electric motor (Gyro rotor)
Gyro stabilized telescope of target seeker

Mclean William B    
2800592   Rotary scanner ( Nipkow disc (Wiki))

Jacob Rabinow (MD)    
2800794   Flowmeter
Meneghelli Hugo A    
2801585  SADF Squib (to light rocket motor, no brisance)
Rex L Smith    
2809585   Projectile for shaped charges
Sidney A Moses    
2803885   Gauging apparatus (AEC tapered edges)
Ruggles Clarence A    
2804822   Attachment for rocket motors (safe shipping)
Meneghelli Hugo A    
2810097   Optimum sensitivity automatic biasing circuit (Headlight dimmer)
Jacob Rabinow (MD)    
2810519   Magnetic amplifier
Creusere Melville C    
2811074   Cylinder end angularity gauge

Jack H Davidson    
2813154   Telephone call indicator
Jacob Rabinow (MD)    
2820338   Constant periodic motion device
Jacob Rabinow (MD)    
2821396   Aerial tow target
Seeley Leonard W    
2821583   Intervalometer
Kielman Leo L    

Turbine rotor (use with 2743412)
has the look and feel of an gyro rotor
William B Mclean
Secretary of the Navy
2822511  wEye
Magnetic integrator
Crawford Jack A, Mclean William B    
2822721   Shutter attachment for high speed cameras (Explosions)
William C Griffin, Theodore C Parker    
2827594   Color discriminating headlight dimmer
Jacob Rabinow (MD)    
Cellular method of electronic assembly
(Cord Wood)
May 13, 1958 Paul J Selgin Secretary of the Navy
2835631   Electro-chemical preparation of nitrosoguanidine
Metcalf Harold F, Whitnack Gerald C    
2840078   Sanitary napkin and holder
Smith Cuba I    
2847329   Sensitization of photoconductive cells by the use of indium vapor
Lloyd E Schilberg, George G Kretschmar    
2847502   Telescribing apparatus
Jacob Rabinow (DC) Telautograph Corp  
2851537   Audio system for drive-in theater
Jeung Jasper L, Rosenberg Harold W, Smith Hadyn L    
2851950   Rocket fin assembly (free flight rockets)
Aken Ray W Van, Drinkwater William D    
2851986   Machine for coating igniter lids
Herschelman Henry E    
2854744   Method of locking and sealing tubular structures rocket motor tubing
Crockett Sydney R    
2855473   Fluid operated switch
Jacob Rabinow (MD)    
2856852  VT Fuze
Proximity fuze
Harry Diamond, Hinman Jr Wilbur S (Top Secret 1944 - 1958)   102/214, 342/68
2859293   Acceleration responsive device (1st stage separation)
Marcus Stanley J    
2859913   Mail box flag
Paschke Henry A, Paschke William C    
2862660   Decimal converter (HP AC-4A?)
Robert B Purcell    
2863064   Scanning type headlight dimmer
Jacob Rabinow    
2863145  RWR
Spiral slot antenna
Turner Edwin M Secretary of the Air Force  
2864053  wEye Silicon diode error detector
Woodworth William H    
2864056   Remote impedance indicators
Alfred B C Anderson, Walter H Barkas    
2865726   Explosive charge for delay fuze (attack airplane wing)
Jenkins Jr Hugh P, Shomate Charles H    
2866413   Non-propulsion attachment for rockets (safe shipping)
Roquemore Cass R    
2868287   Delay timer
Estey Roger S    
2872538 SW Inertia arming switch (for missile)
(15 year delay)
Mclean William B  Secretary of the Navy  
Rocket base fuze
not contact water, but after penetrating metal ship hull
(9 year delay)
Volney K Rasmussen

2872870 SW Igniter squib
Gey William A    
2878199   Phenol-aldehyde resins esterified with fatty acids
Erwin L Capener, Robert A Mohr General Mills  
Fuze housing Apr 21, 1959
(15 year delay)
Crane Clarence B Secretary of the Navy
2882897   Breathing apparatus
Mclean William B American Mach & Foundry  
2885635 SADF test
Apparatus for testing mercury switches May 5, 1959
(10 year delay)
Brown Calvin F not assigned

2889777  SADF Electrical arming mechanism for fuses (missile safe & arm)
Jacob Rabinow    
2891120   Pressure actuated switch (main then sustainere rocket motor)
Saholt Orville J    
2892093 PE Fuze
Fuze Jun 23, 1959
(15 year delay)
Henderson Joseph E Secretary of the Navy
2892124   Noise discriminating, high gain automatic headlight dimmer
Jacob Rabinow (MD) (motor driven reticule)    
2894699   Toroidal coil winding machine
Onisko Jr John    
2898857 PE Fuze
Fuze Aug 11, 1959
(1 year delay)
Hafstad Lawrence R, Roberts Richard B Secretary of the Navy
2900242   Igniter for gas generator grains and propellants (does not crack grain)
Williams Harry, William A Gey    
2900906  SADF Self-destruction device (rockets)
 Olsen Charles R    
2901525 ResBat
Breaker mechanism for frangible ampoule in deferred action primary cell Aug 25, 1959
(16 year delay)
Franklin L Everett Secretary of the Navy
2901569 SADF Centrifugal switch with fluent conductor for rotating projectiles Aug 25, 1959
(14 year delay)
Darr Samuel M Secretary of the Navy
2907028   apparatus for trajectory determination (sig amp ->interference patterns)
George Leitmann, Stirton Robert J    
2908171   Magnetic torque motor (precessing a gyroscope)
Biberman Lucien M    
2910645 SADF Mercury switch spinner head timing unit Oct 27, 1959
(9 year delay)
Boncher Frank G, Sewell Ben W Secretary of the Navy
2911573   Multiple point altimeter for use with toss bombing integrators
Rabinow Jacob, William B Mclean    
PE Fuze Grid-coupled oscillator for proximity fuze use
(prior art rain, fog, dust caused detonation)
(8 year delay)
John J Hopkins, John H Kuck
Secretary of the Navy
2912933  SADF Safety device (missile safe and arm)
Jacob Rabinow    
2914709   Photoelectrically actuated garage door opener
Rabinow Jacob (MD)    
2915315   Servo arm for phonograph pickups
Jacob Rabinow (MD)    
2917664   Automatic headlight dimmer with antioscillation circuit
Rabinow Jacob (MD)    
2916221   Coil winding machine
Onisko Jr John    
2918516 ResBat
Deferred action battery containing frangible ampoule and breaker construction Dec 22, 1959
(14 year delay)
Franklin L Everett Secretary of the Navy
2918517 ResBat
Deferred action battery
Dec 22, 1959
(14 year delay)
Franklin L Everett Secretary of the Navy
2920568 SW Turbo-generator system
Jacob Rabinow MD)    
2921521   Gas generator assembly
La Haye Frank, Ordahl Douglas D    
2921524  SADF Fuze safety device (safe & Arm)
Jacob Rabinow    
ResBat Deferred action type battery
(17 year delay)
Lewis M Mott-Smith Secretary of the Navy
Wave energy translating system
(heat seeking
Jan 19, 1960
(16 Year Delay)
Raymond W Ketchledge Bell Telephone Lab
2924174   Combustible pre-spin turbine for spinner rockets
Mclean William B    
Combination amplifier and oscillator unit Feb 23, 1960
(16 year delay)
Ferris Robert G Secretary of the Navy
Electrolyte leveling system for deferred action type batteries Mar 1, 1960
(10 year delay)
Burrell Ellis Secretary of the Navy
2927213 PE Fuze
Electronic control circuit
(not effected by Sun)
Mar 1, 1960
(15 year delay)
Marion Thomas M, Streib John F Secretary of the Navy
2927259   transistor time delay device
Neal Conrad L    
2928347  SADF Inertia arming switch
Mclean William B    
2929008   Electric motor (gyro rotor)
Wilcox Howard A    
PE Fuze Photoelectric cell mounting Apr 5, 1960
(15 year delay)
Robert K Dahlstrom, Daniel W Ross Secretary of the Navy
2931848 ResBat
Breaker mechanism for deferred-action electrical batteries Apr 5, 1960
(13 year delay)
Burrell Ellis Secretary of the Navy
2931849 ResBat
Method of manufacturing deferred action batteries Apr 5, 1960
(13 year delay)
Burrell Ellis Secretary of the Navy
2931868 VT Fuze
Electrical switch Apr 5, 1966
(14 year delay)
Helminak John E, Sreb Jules H Secretary of the Navy
for high G applications in projectiles

2931911  TV Detector system for optical scanners (reticule + filters)
Nichols Lawrence W 250/226, 250/208.2, 359/891  
2933246   (optical) Reading machine
Jacob Rabinow (MD)    
2933889   Thrust cut-off apparatus for rocket motors (range limiting)
Tolkmitt Richard G    
2934015  SADF Instantaneously variable electromechanical time fuze (limit range)
Herdman Donald F    
2934020  SADF Free flight arming device (Zero G)
Jacob Rabinow    
2934287 PE Fuze test
VHF transmitter sends audio
Apr 26, 1960
(14 year delay)
Ault John W Secretary of the Navy

Three axis gyroscopic aerodynamic damping system
Rolleron (Wiki, YouTube1, YouTube2)
also see:
3285536 Pie rotary damper &
Gyroscopic roll control system
10 May 1960 Leonard T Jagiello Secretary of the Navy

Release mechanism
For electric generator shaft w/setback to unlock
(16 year delay)
William B Mclean
Secretary of the Navy
2938088 SADF Time delay means for centrifugal switch May 24, 1960
(10 year delay)
Ellis Burrell Secretary of the Navy
2938461 SADF Free-flight arming device (bomb & ?)
Jacob Rabinow    
2943572 PE Fuze
Flett William J Secretary of the Navy
2944221   Transmitter final with series-tuned self-neutralized tank circuit (space - low wt & vol)
Madden James H, Robinson Gilhert G    
2944384   Self-actuated automatic regulation of timepieces
Jacob Rabinow    
2946261   Peripheral nozzle spinner rocket
Crockett Sydney R    
2946820   High bulk density nitroguanidine
Ronald A Henry, Cohen Joseph    
2948219  SADF Rocket fuze
Sapp Winfred F    
2948923   High pressure, explosive-activated press (>hydr)
Rocca Edward W La, Pearson John    
System for synchronization and range measurement with a semiactive radar guided missile
Frederick C Alpers

2952207   Rocket (which one? BC) rocket stabalization

Kamimoto Michael M    
2953302   Magnetic amplifier servo circuit
Davis Billy E    
2954670   Method of propellant stowage, arming and initiation of propellant flow for a liquid fuel propulsion system in a liquid fuel rocket motor
Dyer Gail M, Helus Richard R    
2954947   Rocket assisted pilot ejection catapult
Cecil A Glass, Richard J Zabelka    
2957574   Apparatus for continuously feeding articles of finite length (rocket fuel rods)

Roy C Compton    
2958135   Collision-course director (dive or toss bombing)
Charles T Lakin    
2959128 VT Fuse
Control device
also see:
Nov 8, 1960
(15 year delay)
Boykin John R Secretary of the Navy
2961933  SWtest Airborne cinetheodolite (missile near bomber)

Green Elmer E, Kinder Floyd A    
2963241  SW Electrical gate phase discriminator (SW)
Edwin G Swann    
2963973  SW Gyro optical system (Sidewinder IR tracker)
Roger S Estey    
2966316   Missile (air to ground Rem Ctrl flashlight In nose)
maybe a version of BAT
(7 year delay)
William B Mclean, Newton E Ward  Secretary of the Navy  
2967217  SADF Escapement arming switch (safe & arm)
Louis Alpert    
2972225   Motor mechanism for missiles (nozzle)
Cumming James M, Dyer Gail M, Noeggerath Wolfgang C    

Self destruction switch
destroys air-ro-air rocket after some time - propeller)
(14 year delay)
William B Mclean
Sec of War

2977372   Process for preparing substituted tetrazoles
Robert H Boschan, William G Finnegan    
2977590 VT Fuze tst
Method of testing a proximity fuze Mar 28, 1961
(8 year delay)
Lovick Robert C Secretary of the Navy
2979614  wEye Sweep-memory voltage generator (based on magnetic amp)
Woodworth William H    
2980773 SADF Lateral acceleration switch Apr 18, 1961
(9 year delay)
Leaman Audley B, Norman Czajkowski Secretary of the Navy
2981778 ResBat
Spin activated deferred action battery
Apr 25, 1961
(12 year delay)
Freund John Mortimer Secretary of the Navy
2981779 ResBat Stack construction for deferred action type battery Apr 25, 1961
(12 year delay)
Freund John Mortimer Secretary of the Navy
2981780 ResBat Deferred action type battery with involute plates Apr 25, 1961
(11 year delay)
Jr Thaddeus C Burnette Secretary of the Navy
2982639   Explosive compositions (not sticky like RDX)
Gey William A    
2983800 SADF Free flight arming device (zero G)
Jacob Rabinow (MD)    
2985105 SADF Wind-operated delayed arming fuze (internal turbine) 1961-05-23
(14 year delay)
Jacob Rabinow, Mclean William B  Sec of War  
2985702 ResBat
Deferred action battery
(VT Fuze bat)
May 23, 1961 Orville H Bell, Roswell J Bennett, Jr William G Darland, Russell P Fox, Charles E Ulrich Union Carbide Corp
formerly National Carbon Co.

2989576 ResBat
Ampule breaker Jun 20, 1961
(11 year delay)
John C Jacobs Secretary of the Navy
2990507 SADF Variable safe separation timer
Nuffer Harold D    
2992088   Slurry casting of high explosive content compositions
Burkardt Lohr A, Mclean William S    
Anti-aircraft Defense Systems
Aug 1, 1961
(19 year delay)
Mury I. Hull
Sec of Navy
(light) Beam rider AA missile

2994271 SW Fuze arming device
Hassel William F, Herdman Donald F, Meyer Silver    
2994597 SW Slow burning propellent grain with polysulfide polymer coating
William A. Gey    
2996008 VT
Projectile nose structure (whisker dipole antenna)
Aug 15, 1961
(17 year delay)
Allen James A Van, Ferris Robert G Sec of Navy
2996461 SW Adhesive comprising polymerizable monomeric mixture, peroxide, cobalt naphthenate, and ethyl cellulose sorbate
Paul K Chung, Martin H Kaufman, James J Killackey    
3000262   Photoelectrically controlled rear mirror
Jacob Rabinow, Morse Arthur O Libman Max L  

Proximity Fuze (dielectric nose cone keeps water in clouds from causing triggering)
Sep 19, 1961
(15 year delay)
E. R. Sanders Sec of Navy
3001474 SW Propellant servo and power supply for missile guidance (gas operated, constant torque)
Crockett Sydney R, Mclean William B, Michael Kamimoto, Montank Howard A  Sec of Navy  
Magnetic fuze (bomb, atomic?)
also see:
Sep 26, 1961
(26 year delay)
Boykin John R Secretary of the Navy
3016687   Safety automatic regulator for timepieces
Jacob Rabinow (MD) Libman Max L  
3001044 SADF Low spin double purpose mercury switch Sep 19, 1961
(7 year delay)
Brown Calvin F Secretary of the Navy
3001718   Radar range converter (compensating gun sight)
Melville C Creusere, John H Gregory    
3004491 SW Arming device (missile not rocket)
Davidson Jack H, De Santo James D, Place Eugene W Sec of Navy  
3009152   Lead computing and scanning antenna (modified SW system) Nov 14, 1961 John M Boyle, John H Gregory    
3010815   Monofuel for underwater steam propulsion (bubbless torpedo)
Firth Pierce, Gey William A    
3011714 SW? Settable magnetic integrator Dec 5, 1961 Wheeler Donald H Secretary of the Navy  
3012148   Infrared tracker 
Franklin Hummer Robert, Snyder Hartland S    
3016588 SW? Contact bands for rockets Jan 16, 1962 Barnes Paul T, Weinhardt Robert A    
3016798 SW? Compact achromatic telescope lens Jan 16, 1962 Lawrence Robert E    
3020710 SW? Sealing means for rocket nozzles Feb 13, 1962 Herzog Stephen H    
3033020   Thermistorized apparatus for differential thermal analysis May 8, 1962 Leonard Guy W, Pakulak Jr Jack M    
3034745   Spin-axis stabilized space vehicle structure May 15, 1962 Donald J Stewart    
3035796   Dual thrust rocket booster tube May 22, 1962 Glass Cecil A    
3038973   Impact switch ( depth charge fuzing system) Jun 12, 1962 Alpert Louis    
PE Fuze
Projectile nose structure
Photoelectric Fuze
Jun 26, 1962
(18 year delay)
Ross Daniel W Secretary of the Navy
3041298 ? Azeotropic esterification of phenolic resins Jun 26, 1962  Berglund Lawrence W, Capener Erwin L, Harrison Stuart A    
3041470  wEye Horizontal sweep circuit for cathode-ray tube Jun 26, 1962 Woodworth William H    
3041665 SW? Cross-head for inhibitor extrusion (propelent grain coating) Jul 3, 1962 Emery J Bowers, Rodney D Sutherland    
3045428 SW Vortex gas turbine (improved Tesla 1061206)
Mclean William B Walter G Finch  
3045598 SADF Ball set back detent Jul 24, 1962 Brown Calvin F, Campbell Richard T, Jackson Roderick M Secretary of the Navy
3046168   Chemically produced colored smokes (rocket tracer)
Lohr A Burkardt, William G Finnegan, Rex L Smith    
3048076   Method of inhibiting propellant

Erwin L. Capener    
3048109 SW? Wing assembly Aug 7, 1962 Feemster John R    
3048970 SW Plastic nozzle plate for missile motors Aug 14, 1962 Stephen H Herzog    
3050429 ? Polyethylene inhibitor for propellant Aug 21, 1962 Jack H. Baxby Secretary of the Navy  
3051991 ? Vacuum type potting fixture for coating articles (propelant grains) Sep 4, 1962 Hanzel Joseph W    
3052090 SW? Heat shield and nozzle seal for rocket nozzles Sep 4, 1962 Stephen H Herzog    
3054253 ? Case-bonding of double-base propellant grain by using silicone elastomers Sep 18, 1962 Paul K Chung    
3054353 SW? Segment grain Sep 18, 1962 Paul K Chung, Cecil A Glass, Norman L Rumpp    
3055780   Binder for explosive compositions Sep 25, 1962 Finnegan William G, Smith Rex L, Wiebke Armin T Secretary of the Navy  
3056003   Fluid operated switch Sep 25, 1962 Jacob Rabinow    
3064578 PE Fuze
Light-sensitive proximity fuze Nov 20, 1962
(18 year delay)
Hafstad Lawrence R, Henderson Joseph E, Roberts Richard B Secretary of the Navy
3068643   Rocket with internal rod Dec 18, 1962 Camp Albert T    
Radiant-energy translation system
Thermal IR
Ref: 2414793
Method of making resistors (Wiki: thermistors)
Dec 18, 1962
(14 year delay)
Buntenbach Rudolph W Bell Telephone
3070017 PE Fuze
Photoelectric proximity fuse mounting Dec 25, 1962
(19 year delay)
Clark Earl K Secretary of the Navy
3072020   Propellant supply system for rockets and the like (rocket sled) Jan 8, 1963 Barnes Paul T, Keegel Charles P    
3077818   Breakaway suspension band (bombs?) Feb 19, 1963 Jr Carl E Rhodes    
3080815   Electrical squib separation device (initial expansion volume) Mar 12, 1963 Simshauser Anthony J    
3083299   Apparatus for processing optically received electromagnetic radiation Mar 26, 1963 Cruse Philip M (rotating reticule) Santa Barbara Res Ct  
3089034 SW Light sensitive detection circuit (temperature to tone) May 7, 1963 Meade Robert C    
3091923   Liquid propellant tankage Jun 4, 1963 Barnes Paul T    
3093157   Metering and mixing apparatus Jun 11, 1963 Aitken Adrien J, Rutkowski Eugene V    
3093523   Process for making extrudable propellant Jun 11, 1963 Besser Eli D    
Control system for homing guided missile
(too many tybes to work)
(11 year delay)
Frederick C Alpers, Fred S Atchison, Wilfrid A Yates

3095218 ? High pressure gas connection and seal wherein said seal has collapse preventing means 3095218 Alton P Elder, Grand Theodore P Le    
3103784 ? Plastic internal rocket nozzle Sep 17, 1963 Herzog Stephen H, Miller Ray A,
Vetter Ronald F
3104190 ? Nitrocellulose propellants containing a dinitrile plasticizer Sep 17, 1963 Ernsberger Fred M, Kaufman Martin H    
3104262 HE Alkyl ether of linear methylene nitramines Sep 17, 1963 Dolah Robert W Van, Gey William A    
3104324   Electro-optical scanning system for reading machines Sep 17, 1963 Jacob Rabinow MD) Rabinow Engineering Co Inc  
3107618   De-arming device Oct 22, 1963 Vanover James L    
3109110 ASROC
Rectifier-amplifier with built in clipping Oct 29, 1963 Lewis George R    
3110640 HE New explosive compositions Nov 12, 1963 Dolah Robert W Van, Gey William A    
3112615 ASROC? Electrical connector for boost sustained rocket motor (2 stage motor) Dec 3, 1963 Cook Harold G    
3113235 VT Fuze
Rugged vacuum tube (internal construction)
Dec 3, 1963
(19 year delay)
James A Van Allen, (Wiki) Raymond D Mindlin, Henry H Porter, Karrer Sebastian Sec of Navy
Van Allen belt 2744697 Cosmic ray altimeter

3113305 ProxFuze
Semi-active proximity fuze Dec 3, 1963
(12 year delay)
Raff Samuel J, Trounson Edmund P depends on ground based tracking radar

3115008   Integral rocket ramjet missile propulsion system Dec 24, 1963 Cohen William, Jr Hugh P Jenkins    
3116691 VT Fuze Proximity fuze Jan 7, 1964
(20 year delay)
Skaggs Lester S, Tatel Howard E Secretary of the Navy
3117284 VT Fuze Noise discrimination control circuit utilizing a volume control thermionic amplifier circuit Jan 7, 1964
(20 year delay)
Kuck John H, Thayer Robert H Secretary of the Navy
3117417   Two-stage valve (liquid fuel rocket w/IR sensor) Jan 14, 1964 Rutkowski Jr Eugene V    
3119097   (Pseudo Random) Electrical signal generator Jan 21, 1964 Tullos Frank N Jersey Prod Res Co  
3121748 ? Long chain nitramine diols Feb 18, 1964 Gey William A, Reed Jr Russell    
3122462   Novel pyrotechnics (hi alt igniter or flare) Feb 25, 1964 Davidson Julian S, Kaufman Martin H    
3129424   Distance responsive device (proximity fuze or altimeter)
Jacob Rabinow    
3129767 ? Torque converting propeller (hydraulic quiet) Apr 21, 1964 Mclean William B Walter G Finch  
3131298 ? Diode multiplier network Apr 28, 1964 Creusere Melville C    
3136848 wEye Vidicon with low impedance amplifier for extended high frequency response and improved signal to noise ratio (photo sensors work well into shorts)
Jun 9, 1964 Woodworth William H    
3136872   Gas operated ignition switch for a multi-stage rocket propelled missile Jun 9, 1964 Banaszak Lloyd J    
3137851   Gyro verticality interferometer (roll & pitch by RADAR) Jun 16, 1964 Keyes John C, Kirby Frank J    
3138129   Hydrodynamic electromagnetic propulsion (Hunt for Red October) (Wiki) (see: 2997013) Jun 23, 1964 Bankston Lester T, Jenkins Jr Hugh P    
3139750   Hydraulic force balance apparatus (motor testing) Jul 7, 1964 Howell Melvin D, Smith Max R    
3140207   Pyrotechnic composition (cloud seeding) Jul 7, 1964 Mary M Williams, Lohr A Burkardt    
3141727 ? Film-strip density curve plotting device Jul 21, 1964 Devereaux Jr Harry L    
Conductive springs and ball acceleration switch
(similar to ball in cage vibration sensors)

John M Boyle,
Earl J Donaldson
Secretary of the Navy
3143072 VT Fuze Proximity fuze antenna Aug 4, 1964
(16 year delay)
Dell Albert H, Kuck John H, Sreb Jules H Secretary of the Navy
3150010 ResBat
Electrolyte control for a battery
( looks like VT fuze bat)
Sep 22, 1964 Clark C Cleveland Secretary of the Navy
3152547  VT Fuze
Radio proximity fuze (Wiki)
Oct 13, 1964
(14 year delay)
Kyle John W   102/214
3152777   Jet propelled aerostat (hot air mylar balloon) Oct 13, 1964 William B Mclean    
3156579   Process for bonding salt to metal ballistic rod (ref 3068643) Nov 10, 1964 Baldwin John E, Capener Erwin L    
3156821   Method of monitoring low level radioactivity by the stimulated growth of bacteria Nov 10, 1964 Engel Rene L, Giorgio Soli    
3158676 SW Gyroscope mounted cassegrain telescope with central support for secondary mirror Nov 24, 1964
(10 year delay)
Francis McCaffrey 
3160752   Reflectometer for measuring surface finishes Dec 8, 1964 Bennett Harold E    
3161375 Swtest Solar cell look-angle detecting system (testing) Dec 15, 1964 Justin M Ruhge    
3161878 VT Fuze tst
Apparatus and method for testing radio fuses
spinning plastic wheel with resonant elements
Dec 15, 1964 Quinlivan John E not assigned

3162127 SW Delay train for fuze Dec 22, 1964 Sr Richard K Bianche, Bertram A Breslow    
3163726 SADF Discs for the mercury unshorter switch Dec 29, 1964
(12 year delay)
Gilbert Ray John, Jackson Heights, Kalish Herbert S Syivania Electric Products Inc
VT Fuze
Radio frequency proximity fuze Jan 19, 1965
(22 year delay)
Roberts Richard B, Tuve Merle A Applied Physics Lab
Sec of Navy

3167015   Flash lamp ignited rocket Jan 26, 1965
(13 year delay)
Bernard Smith, Weinland Clarence E
3167652 SWtest Miss distance and vector measurement system
Weisbrich Jr Henry T    
3169003   Ejection seat apparatus Feb 9, 1965 Cecil A Glass    
3169084 ResBat
Deferred action battery Feb 9, 1965
(18 year delay)
Dale C Gerber, Roy D Livingston, George M L Sommerman Secretary of the Navy
3170822 ResBat
Deferred action type battery construction Feb 23, 1965
(16 year delay)
David L Babcock Secretary of the Navy
Two axis rate gyro (pitch & yaw telemetry)
Thomas S Amlie, Earl J Donaldson

3178150   Bottom outlet valve for a mixing vessel Apr 13, 1965 Johnson Stanley L    
All-weather projectile fire control system-director mode
1965-04-27 Jack A Crawford, John H Gregory
Sec of Navy

3181814 SWtest Missile target intercept angle measuring system
Pittman Charles W    
3181822   "wheels-up" flare warning system
Foote Kenneth R, Russell Allen Sanford    
3188482  wEye Stabilized servo system
Crawford Jack A, Woodworth William H    
3189823 ? Transistorized transmitter employing a transmission line section Jun 15, 1965 Mitchell Jr James C    
3189907   Zone plate radio transmission system (telemetry ant) Jun 15, 1965 Buskirk Lylnan F Van    
3192476   Method and system for obtaining data regarding the surfaces of celestial bodies (mag tape telemetry) Jun 29, 1965 Mccarty Richard G, Nuffer Harold D    
3196794 SW Piezo-electric fuze device (impace with fins denotates) Jul 27, 1965 Meade Robert C    
3196820   Torpedo craft (sound homing, rotating body) Jul 27, 1965 William B Mclean Walter G Finch  
3201937   Variable area orifice injector (thrust vectoring) Aug 24, 1965 Dean Mckee Richard    
3202386   Aerial cargo delivery device Aug 24, 1965 Mccullough Jr Foy    
3202557   Burn inhibitor for fluorocarbon bound propellants Aug 24, 1965 Martin H. Kaufman    
3206820   Lanyard operated latch (ref 2442374 Aeril bomb) Sep 21, 1965 Long Ernest T    
3209716   Speed reduction device for a screw-driven power boat Oct 5, 1965 Hartley Roy E    
3211588 ResBat
Deferred action battery Oct 12, 1965
(19 year delay)
Marsal Paul Secretary of the Navy
3211911  PE Fuze
Method and (lateral) photocell device for obtaining light source position data (Ref 3181814) Oct 12, 1965  Ruhge Justin M    
3212256   Case bonding system for cast composite propellants Oct 19, 1965  Sampson Henry T    
3215352   Bi-propellant metering and injecting valve Nov 2, 1965 Meraz Jr Daniel    
3216674 SWapp Proportional navigation system for a spinning body in free space Nov 9, 1965 William B Mclean Walter G Finch  
Shaped charge liner (for rotating artillery shell)

2717552   Mortar
2741180  artillery shell (reduce problem of spinning)
Nov 23, 1965
(15 year delay)
Massey Mark F na

3218976   Multi-projectile warhead Nov 23, 1965 Nooker Eugene L    
3223777  wEye Scanner system (Earth imaging from space - weather) Dec 14, 1965 Crawford Jack A, Woodworth William H    
3224249   Adjustable fixture for drop testing Dec 21, 1965 Bernard W Ford, Jr William J Switzenberg    
3224371 SW
Warhead for missiles Dec 21, 1965 Kempton Marvin L, Nooker Eugene L Secretary of the Navy
3224372  SW Multi-projectile continuous rod warhead Dec 21, 1965 Nooker Eugene L    
3225172   Resistance welding process Dec 21, 1965 Galloway George W, Nooker Eugene L    
3225242  SWtest Infrared calibration lamp Dec 21, 1965 Ephraim Regelson    
3246185 SW Piezoelectric installation Apr 12, 1966 Hinton Ray F    
3249050 SW
Continuous rod warhead May 3, 1966 Allen William W, Cordle Paul E, Moore Hiram E Secretary of the Navy
3262125   Protective headgear (aircraft carrier) Jul 26, 1966 William D Bowen    
3266603   Extreme environment hermetically sealed damper Aug 16, 1966 Kamimoto Michael M    
3269314 VT Fuze
Radio proximity fuze
(UHF remote control)
Aug 30, 1966
(24 year delay)
Varian Russell H Sperry Rand Corp
3273289 SWmfg Aspheric surface generator Sep 20, 1966 Harold E Bennett, Ralph W Dietz    
3273835   Self-ejecting emergency chute recovery system (drone instruments) Sep 20, 1966 Lloyd J Holt, Harry L Myers    
3274393   Single modulation star tracker (see: MD-1 star tracker)
(Ref:  3002096)
Sep 20, 1966 Zuckerbraun Jacob S Kollsman Instrument Corporation  
3276379   Bonding material for propellant grains Oct 4, 1966 Dallett Lawrence R    
3276926   Composite polysulfide propellants containing additives for producing extremely fast burning
Robson Iii John H    
3279186   Thrust variation and vectoring nozzle Oct 18, 1966  Hoffman Herman J, Sippel Nathan J    
3281079   Transpiration cooling system actuating a liquefied metal by pressurized gas (rocket nozzle cooling) Oct 25, 1966 Robert L Mcalexander, Allen T Robinson    
Pie rotary damper
Rolleron hydraulic damper
Earl J Donaldson,
James W Oestreich

Triggered exploding wire device
(for igniting rocket motors)
Nov 29, 1966

Sec of Navy
3291864   Polytetrafluoroethylene composition containing vinylidene fluoride-perfluoroproylenecopolymer Dec 13, 1966 Judson B Eldridge, Elmo C Julian    
3295321   Method and apparatus for injecting a secondary propellant in multi-heat release combustors Jan 3, 1967 Krzycki Leroy J    
3295322   Hypergolic slug igniter (Wiki)
Jan 3, 1967 Joseph J Atkins, Robert J Geres    
3301187   Consumable materials
(burn rapidly at atmospheric pressure)
Jan 31, 1967 Butler Carroll W, Donaldson William E, Porter Harry B, Whitman Rosemary R    
Pyrotechnic-actuated folding fin assembly (Wiki)
This may be the 2.75" aircraft launched rocket.
FFAR YouTube XM-3 for UH-1
1965-09-24 James E Weimholt Jr Lawrence M Biggs Sec of Navy
3309250   Temperature resistant explosive containing titanium and alkali metal perchlorate Mar 14, 1967 Charles W Falterman, William J Griffith, Harold J Gryting    
3311324 SWtest Destruct system for target aircraft (cuts off wing) Mar 28, 1967 Lloyd J Holt, Harry L Myers, Jr Gordon F Zurn    
3317181   Fully sealed, pressure operated metering valve May 2, 1967 Robbins Jr Roland W    
System for isolating multi-frequency signal components
Sykes Langthorne, Estates Palos Verdes, Duane J Russell, Cyril D Hansen

3326226   Fluid pressure actuated valve Jun 20, 1967 Ray F Hinton    
3331203   Hydrazine propulsive method using lithium and ammonium perchlorate with metal Jul 18, 1967 Kaufman Martin H, Sims James R, Stull Bertram O    
3332353   Auxiliary igniter and sustainer Jul 25, 1967
(8 year delay)
 Lohr A Burkardt, William G Finnegan, Rex L Smith    
3336799   Free-floating apparatus for measuring and telemetering sea-wave characteristics Aug 22, 1967 Kermode David W    
3343400   Impact test apparatus (high velocity)
Sep 26, 1967 Marvin E Backman, Rogers Bernice Parks, Robert G S Sewell    
3343491   Protective circuit for electrofiring devices Sep 26, 1967 Peters Jr Carl I    
3351017 SADF Air-arming impact fuze Nov 7, 1967 Myers Jack A Us Navy
3352965   Method and means for enhancing camouflaged target detection utilizing light polarization techniques
(ground attack)
Nov 14, 1967  Paul C Driver, Robert E Fowler    
3353870   Method and apparatus for recovering a naturally occurring brine containing sodium carbonate Nov 21, 1967 Budke Carl P    
3356957   Hybrid amplifier (Mag + Transistor)
Wheeler Donald H    
3360726   Radiation responsive device (Ge diodes)
Peters Jr Carl I    
3362166   Bipropellant rocket combustion chamber Jan 9, 1968 Hoffman Herman J, Sippel Nathan J    
3362378  GlowStick Light extending product and process (Chem Sticks)
Bens Everett M Navy Usa  
3367129 SW Switching circuit, of a type employing a four-layer solid state switching device (Cryostat control)
Freitag Walter E Navy Usa  
3368088   Standing-detonation wave magnetohydrodynamic electrical generator Feb 6, 1968 Krzycki Leroy J, Spindler Clinton L Navy Usa  
3370519 Swtest? Method and means for removing an opaque film of atmospheric particles from before the lens of a camera Feb 27, 1968 Lawrence H Maschhoff, Garcia Thomas, Jr Lyman G Vance Navy Usa  
3371635   Submersible vessel (2-man powered recrational sub) Mar 5, 1968 Leonard W Seeley Nancy Lee Seeley  
Discriminator circuit responsive to a pulse position relative to a gate period
Joseph S Brugler, William H Woodworth,
Sec of Navy

3374865   Snubber for deploying lines (parachute load) Mar 26, 1968 Craig Jimmie M Navy Usa  
3375148   Pyrotechnics comprising silver iodate, ammonium nitrate, nitrocellulose and nitrate esters (cloud seeding) Mar 26, 1968 William G Finnegan, Lohr A Burkardt Navy Usa  
3375176  GlowStick Chemiluminescent formulation Mar 26, 1968 Humiston Lee E Navy Usa  
Anti-intruder device using vibration responsive member between light and photocell Mar 26 1968
David W Kermode Sec of Navy
Outdoor Intrusion Detector
3380761   Quick disconnect coupling device (missile staging) Apr 30, 1968 Devender Jr Russell R Van Atomic Energy Commission Usa  
3382800   Linear-shaped charge chemical agent disseminator May 14, 1968 Biggs Jr Lawrence M Navy Usa  
3382803   Fuse (small munition, parachute dropped)
(Ref: 3351017)
May 14, 1968      
3388371   Sonic echo system Jun 11, 1968 Mclean William B Walter G Finch  
3388667  SADF Contact fuze (missile safe & arm) Jun 18, 1968
(9 year delay)
Louis Voida, Tafel Robert E, Wilke Donald H Navy Usa  
3392672   Flare lighter (balloon or parachute) Jul 16, 1968 Noles Ronald C Navy Usa  
3402634 Swdev Instrument for measuring absolute reflectance and transmittance at cryogenic temperatures
Bennett Harold E Navy Usa  

Guided missile
Ramjet SAM
Alfred J Bell, Ralph W Blevins,
Harvey J Everett, Jr William Garten,
Jr Everett J Hardgrave
Dept of Navy

3407320   Wafer type submersible motor for underwater device Oct 22, 1968 Mclean William B Walter G Finch  
3412403 ? Radiating tuned inductance coil antenna
Peters Jr Carl I    
3415190   Anti-disturbance fuse
Hart Otho E, Imm Lewis W Navy Usa  
3417455   Explosive welding (Wiki)
Dec 24, 1968 John Pearson Navy Usa  
3419628   Process for preparing fluorocarbon monomers Dec 31, 1968 Martin H Kaufman, John D Braun Navy Usa  
3420474   Method for collapsing an aerodynamic decelerating vehicle (baloon or parachute after load delivery) Jan 7, 1969 Jimmie M Craig, Ronald C Noles Us Navy  
3420695   Process for desensitizing metallic powders Jan 7, 1969 Dow Robert L, Rice George B Us Navy  
3421111   Voltage controlled field-effect transistor L-C oscillator Jan 7, 1969 Joseph Jacob Boyajian Us Navy  
3425353  SADF Arming and safety mechanism for a drag chute retarded bomb Feb 4, 1969 Halling Michael A Us Navy  
3431147 ResBat
Platform style ampule breaker
(diagram matches VT fuse reserve bat description)
Mar 4, 1969
(9 year delay)
Clark C Cleveland Us Navy
ResBat Setback activated,spin filled galvanic battery
Clark C Cleveland, Harry F French

3434419   Rocket assisted projectile with movable piston base plate Mar 25, 1969 Dimond Robert M, Payne Howard H    
Pump type tubular magazine repeating firearm
Alfred F Kermode

3437035   Method and apparatus for disseminating fluid from vehicle in flight Apr 8, 1969 Weimholt James E Us Navy  
3437041 Fuze Supersensitive impact sensor Apr 8, 1969 Hart Otho E, Miller Samuel A    
3440115   Shock-gel process for preparing plastic-bonded explosives Apr 22, 1969 Falterman Charles W, Stanton Horace D Us Navy  
3448653   Quick disconnect Jun 10, 1969 Jack A Myers Us Navy  
3450155 SW? Frictionless relief valve (Cryo?) Jun 17, 1969  Froehner Warren P, Huffman Delbert W, Swallow Robert E Us Navy  
Switchable linear-circular polarized monopulse radar feed producing two axis (three-dimensional tracking) information utilizing a two-lobe monopulse design
Robert H Begeman, Orville G Brickey, Charles W May, Richard E McCormick
Dept of Navy

3457329   Inert simulant composition for a plastic bonded explosive Jul 22, 1969 Wallace E Silver, Jack Sherman Us Navy  
3460507  GlowStick Piston expelled chemiluminescent water signal dispenser Aug 12, 1969 Little Steven M, Mcgowan Marvin E Us Navy  
3468256 SW Impact fuse assembly (to explode when hitting ground) Sep 23, 1969 Vanover James L Us Navy  
3469260 Swtest TV
Remotely monitored and controlled airborne television system Sep 23, 1969 Holt Lloyd Junior, Myers Harry L Us Navy  
3469805   Method for inflating a balloon Sep 30, 1969 Craig Jimmie M, Pohl Russell A, Yost Paul E Us Navy  
3473135  TV Variable reference video amplifier Oct 14, 1969 Hughes Richard S Us Navy  
3474264   Circuit for varying the hysteresis of a schmitt trigger Oct 21, 1969 Hughes Richard S Us Navy  
3474267   Piezoelectric transducer
(Villari effect (Wiki) feedback)
Oct 21, 1969 Colberg Stephen R Us Navy  
3474986  wEye Two-degree gyro for a television camera Oct 28, 1969 Donaldson Earl J Us Navy  
3476012  SADF Arming wire assembly (2-stage rocket)
Nov 4, 1969 Lloyd J Jackson Us Navy  
3489318   Buoyancy system (hydrazine) Jan 13, 1970 Herman S Kunz, Jay Witcher Us Navy  
3490023   Induced doppler direction finder Jan 13, 1970 Weisbrich Henry T Jr Us Navy  
3490374  SW Continuous rod warhead Jan 20, 1970 Nooker Eugene L Us Navy  
3491694   Plastic liners for controlled fragmentation Jan 27, 1970 Fountain Gilbert Us Navy  
3493284 Swtest Variable apertured radiating diffusing integrating cavity Feb 3, 1970 Michel A Vernon-Cole Us Navy  
Map matching guidance system
Feb 10, 1970
Robert P Moore
Us Navy
3497578   Method of forming articles to close dimensional tolerances in a hydrostatic press Feb 24, 1970 Cecil A Glass, Wallace E Silver Us Navy  
3497619   Digital data transmission system (LAN UTP 10-base-T?) Feb 24, 1970 Babcock Gary C Us Navy  
3498218   Bomblet (chemical delivery) Mar 3, 1970 Myers Jack A Us Navy  
Fragmentation warhead having circumferential layers of cubical fragments
Paul E Cordle, Richard P Birge
US Dept of Navy

3499716 SWdev Wide range absolute reflectometer Mar 10, 1970 Bennett Harold E Us Navy  
3500401 RWR Radar detection device  (APS-54?)

Elliott Denman R, Miller Gerald O Us Navy  
3504632  ? Time delay fuze (can not be disarmed)
Apr 7, 1970 Clapp Robert L, Forster Robert H, Quist Donald G, West Gaylon L Us Navy  
3507055 SWdev Missile tracking simulator Apr 21, 1970 Arriola William A, Claunch M Wayne, Regelson Ephraim Us Navy  
3507707 ResBat
Reserve battery Apr 21, 1970 Allan M Biggar Us Army
3508019  SADF Apogee sensing switch (fancy ball in cage)
Apr 21, 1970 Crockett Sydney R Us Navy  
3508051 SWapp (False IR color) Employing a plurality of dichroic mirrors to produce a three-color image Apr 21, 1970 Lamar Jesse, Nichols Lawrence W Us Navy  
Antiaircraft projectile
(antiaircraft projectile which is not adversely affected to any great extent by altitude variations, that is to say, the structural damage caused by this projectile is about the same at high altitudes as it is at low altitudes.)
(10 year delay)
Vasil Philipchuk
Department of Navy

3520218   Transistor cap remover (based on pipe cutter) Jul 14, 1970 Tolkmitt Richard A Us Navy  
3524410 VT Fuze
Oscillator-detector device Aug 18, 1970
(20 year delay)
Erath Louis W, Plotkin Gerald N Us Navy
3528864   High impulse explosives containing tungsten Sep 15, 1970 Weinland Clarence E Us Navy  
3529291 TRANSIT Synchronized sequence detector (Barker PR Word Generator) (Ref 3119097) Sep 15, 1970 Claude W Brown Us Navy  
Frequency independent log periodic slot multi-mode antenna array
Robert G Corzine, Joseph A Mosko
Dept of Navy

3533551   Bomb ballistic slide rule (total lead angle) Oct 13, 1970 Cole Roy D, Rogers Alexander K Us Navy  
3539740   Anti-disturbance switch (ball in cage) Nov 10, 1970 Isenor Ernest H, Karsten Carl G, Kearsley Joseph B, Moe Richard G, Smith James W Honeywell Inc, Air Force, China Lake
3546609   Linear wide band discriminator (100% bandwidth)
See: Aertech
Dec 8, 1970 Boyajian Joseph J Us Navy  
3551222   Coated water soluble inorganic oxidizers Dec 29, 1970 Carroz John W, Kaufman Martin H, O'drobinak John D Us Navy  
3553432 SW Heated dome window (Prevent ice and RFI) Jan 5, 1971 David N Livingston, Max R Smith, Charles T Newmyer Us Navy  
3554129  wEye
Optical fusing system (missile warhead) Apr 27, 1971 Alpers Frederick C Us Navy  
wEye? Controlled fragmentation of multi-walled warheads
John Pearson, Robert G S Sewell,
Richard T Carlisle
Dept of Navy


Telemetry data transmission system
(secure transmission of telemetry data)
(10 year delay)
T Burr Jackson
Dept of Navy
Method of making a transreflector for an antenna
Charles W May, Franklin A Porter,
John W Pickett
Dept of Navy
3576604   Method of heat detection (color change only while at temp)
Hammond Peter R Us Navy  
3576944 SWapp Scanning radiometer with plural reference sources (scanning long IR fast response) May 4, 1971 Labaw Kenneth B Us Navy  
3590231   Digital (Function) signal generator using digital differential analyzer techniques Jun 29, 1971 Wenzl Bernard P Us Navy  
3596603   Method of dispersing bw/cw or other materials Aug 3, 1971 Gryting Harold J, Robbins Robert C, Stevens Lewis A Us Navy  
Spring applied, electric released brake
use with gyro torquer motors)
Earl J Donaldson
Dept of Navy
3560642 Sat TV
Television satellite system
George B Bush, Irvin H Schroader, Charles J Swet, Theodore Wyatt Us Navy  
3610099   Flueric diode (Wiki)
Oct 5, 1971 Ankeney Dewey P Us Navy  
3611940  VT Fuze
Simplified proximity fuze and/or howitzer shells Oct 12, 1971
(23 year delay)
Hopkins John J, Thayer Robert H Us Navy 102/214, 342/68
3613581   Explosive device for perforating high-strength metal plates (Ref 2809585 Bazooka (Wiki) Oct 19, 1971
(6 year delay)
 Cosner Lawrence N, Mclean William B, Pearson John Us Navy  
VT Fuze Dual channel doppler frequency-selective fuze system
(15 year delay)
Samuel W Lichtman
US Navy

VT Fuze Noise-modulated fuze system
(13 year delay)
Donald J Adrian
US Navy
VT Fuze FM cross-sideband fuse system
FM Doppler fuse system Wiki)
(13 year delay)
Donald J Adrian
US Secretary of Navy
3617015  HMD Head-coupled missile-aiming device (Wiki)
Nov 2, 1971 Kinder Floyd A Us Navy  

Restraining collar device for squibbing missile motors Nov 16, 1971 Albers Francis L, Barrett Allan G Us Navy
3620162   Rifle launched rocket (w/bullet catcher) Nov 16, 1971 King Paul C Us Navy  
3621784 PE Fuze
Optical system for an infrared missile fuze Nov 23, 1971
(16 year delay)
Mundie Lloyd G Us Navy
3622814 SADF Negatively charging piezoelectric power supply Nov 23, 1971 Thomas E Carlson Us Navy
Gyro-nutation damper
William H Woodworth, Jack A Crawford, James Parmerlee
Dept of Navy

3624365  wEye Vertical attitude measuring device (gyro + accelerometer) Nov 30, 1971 Woodworth William H Us Navy  

Wire wound conical liner for shaped charge warhead Dec 14, 1971 Clarence E Weinland Us Navy
3626697   Method and means for controlling the thrust in a solid propellant rocket motor Dec 14, 1971 Chafin Lane Curtis, Nunn Robert H Us Navy  
3634154   Solid propellant composition containing gelled hydrazine Jan 11, 1972
(9 year delay)
Burdette George William Us Navy  
3636874   Method and means for dispersing chemical agents Jan 25, 1972 Gey William A, Wiebke Armin T Us Navy  
3639183 SW Gas generator compositions (electric generator) Feb 1, 1972 Crescenzo Frank G, Dow Robert L Us Navy  
3640070   Hybrid propellant system Feb 8, 1972 Martin H Kaufman, John D O'drobinak, James O Dake Jr Us Navy  
3640785   Castable fluorocarbon binders for propellants Feb 8, 1972
(8 year delay)
Kaufman Martin H, O'drobinak John D Us Navy  
3646597 JATO Variable thrust propulsion engine Feb 29, 1972 Feemster John R United Technology Center  
wEye Image stabilization system
Frederick C Alpers
Dept of Navy
Passive electro-optical seeker
Frederick C Alpers
Dept of Navy

3650857   Gelled amine rocket fuels Mar 21, 1972 George William Burdette, Dean Henry Couch Us Navy  
3660594  TV Line-scan television system employing spectrum analysis May 9, 1972 Marsh Lawrence B Us Navy  
3661047   Apparatus for casting thin walled hollow cylindrical inserts May 9, 1972 Sherman Jack, Silver Wallace E Us Navy  
3661083   Device for rapidly mixing and agitating chemicals in sealed containers (just prior to missile launch)
May 9, 1972 Weimholt James E Us Navy  
3661347  wEye Gain changer (missile control system)
May 9, 1972 Crawford Jack A, Woodworth William H Us Navy  
3661525   Process for neutralization of amorphous boron May 9, 1972 Gonzales John, Lee Benjamin Y S Us Navy  

Fuze arming device
(7 year delay)
William J Donahue, David L Blanchard, John M Wack

3671341   Dense propellant composition Jun 20, 1972 Dierolf Arthur Jack Us Navy  
3676581  Space Optical scanning spacecraft system Jul 11, 1972 Swet Charles J Us Navy  
3683385 SHRIKE Direction finding antenna system
 (Spiral Ant + 4 detectors)
Aug 8, 1972 Corzine Robert G, Mosko Joseph A Us Navy  
3697434  GlowStick Chemiluminescent spray formulation (Wiki, GlowStick)
Oct 10, 1972 Shefler Sydney Us Navy  
3699892 VT Fuze
Controlled variable time radio proximity fuze Oct 24, 1972
(21 year delay)
Kopec John C, Schmitt Henry O Jr, Tenney Frederick H Us Navy
3706867   Electronic anti-intrusion device (see: Geo-ID)
Dec 19, 1972 Bianchi John, Bohacz Maxine, Lyon Jerry, Pitman Robert L, Rand Henry T, Shaw Donald N, Less « Us Army  
3706935   Pulse repetition frequency detection and lock-on system Dec 19, 1972 Hughes Richard Smith Us Navy  
3712054  anti-SW Method for suppression of heat radiation Jan 23, 1973 J Crecelius, E Regelson, H Sumnicht Us Navy  
3712061   Vortex baffle (spinning rocket)
Jan 23, 1973 Dillinger R, Thorsted K Us Navy  
3712228 SHRIKE Target marker warhead (prior warhead did not work well) Jan 23, 1973 Burford M, Handler G Us Navy  
3713383   Dispersal technique for cw bw agents Jan 30, 1973 Crescenzo F, Gey W, Wiebke A Us Navy  
3714498  wEye Television camera (electrostatically deflection) Jan 30, 1973 Woodworth W Us Navy  
3715398 HE Process for recrystallizing diaminotrinitrobenzene Feb 6, 1973 Kaufman M Us Navy  
3717098 Fuze
Warhead breakup sensor 1973-02-20
Cordle P, Davis E, Higuera R, Lockwood D, McCubbin M Us Navy  
3717878  RWR (Log) Spiral antenna Feb 20, 1973 Mosko J Us Navy  
3718508 ResBat
Deferred-action battery comprising a perforated ampoule sealed with removable plugs Feb 27, 1973 S Levine US Government

3720168  Shrike? Elliptical warhead (Shrike? roll-stabilized air-to-surface missile)
Sylwester A Us Navy  
3721192   Shaped charge Mar 20, 1973 Mallory H, Mc Ewan W Us Navy  
3722415 Fuze
Electrostatic contact fuze
AA missile (which one?)
Mar 27, 1973
(9 year delay)
Lunt W Us Navy
3722416   Fuze function selection and firing system (missile)
Mar 27, 1973
(9 year delay)
Brown M, Lunt W Us Navy  
3724319  FAX Fax (Fuel Air eXplosive) minefield clearing device Apr 3, 1973 Smith L, Zabelka R Us Navy  
3725576 wEye
Television tracking system Apr 3, 1973
(11 year delay)
Woodworth, J Crawford, G Lewis Us Navy  
3726802  GlowStick Low temperature chemiluminescent formulations Apr 10, 1973
(8 year delay)
Bens E, Morley C Us Navy  
3727861   Method and apparatus for suppression of antiaircraft fire (IR seeks hit gun barrel)
Apr 17, 1973 Swann E Us Navy  
3728169   Encapsulation of nitronium perchlorate employing ammonia to form ammonium perchlorate Apr 17, 1973
(10 year delay)
Diebold J Us Navy  
3728270  GlowStick Chemiluminescent formulation containing inorganic salt solution Apr 17, 197
(8 year delay)
Bens E, Morley C Us Navy  
3728478  TV Electro-optical tracker Apr 17, 1973 Quist D, Turner D Us Navy  
3729350   Composition for forming cloud of in-capacitating agent upon detonation (riot control &Etc.)
Apr 24, 1973 W Gey (China Lake) Us Navy  
3732132   Extrudable fluorocarbon propellants May 8, 1973
(9 year delay)
R Merrow, E Julian, J Eldridge, G Rice, R Dow, C Rodgers, B Stull Us Navy  
3732413  GlowStick Light producing device (metal can with easy off lid) May 8, 1973
(8 year delay)
Humiston L, Little S, Mills J, Shefler S Us Navy  
3732564  VT Fuze
Pulse doppler fuze (8 tubes) Also see:
3849778 Pulse doppler fuze (6 tubes - 24 yr)
4194203 Pulse doppler (4 tubes - 29 yr)
4203365 Prox fuze w/jamm resistance (26 yr)
May 8, 1973
(22 year delay)
Kuck J, Mccord W (Top Secret 1951- 1973) Us Navy 102/214, 342/68, 342/16
3734982   Process for case bonding cast composite propellant grains May 22, 1973
(11 year delay)
Sampson H Us Navy  
3738273 SADF Safety-arming device Jun 12, 1973
(13 year delay)
Hoelzen W Us Navy  
3742701   Propellant injector assembly Jul 3, 1973 Feemster J, Langenborg N Us Navy  
Method of aiming a television guided missile 1973-07-03  W Woodworth, R Cunningham US Secretary of Navy
3742859   Explosive charge Jul 3, 1973  Burkardt L, Finnegan W, Larocca E, Mcewan W, Mclean W Us Navy  
3753811   Igniter composition Aug 21, 1973
(16 year delay)
Crescenzo F, Julian E, Meyers B, Meyers R    
3756538 SW Guided missile (7 drawings)
Sep 4, 1973
(16 year delay)
W McLean Us Navy  
3764923  wEye Automatic (Video) pulse level control
M Moulton, J Whittington, W Woodworth Us Navy  
3767489   Nitrasol propellant
Davidson J, Reinhart J, Stump W Us Navy  
3774540   Terradynamic brake (Spikebuoy?) Nov 27, 1973 Bernardin R, Burford M, Simpson R Us Navy  
3775735   Apparatus for scanning an underwater area (minimize backscatter)
C Funk, I Lemaire, F Marrone, J Sutton (San Diego) Us Navy  
High resolution range tracking circuit
F Alpers Dept of Navy

3782285   Flare cartridge (IR countermeasure ejected from planes) Jan 1, 1974 Froehner W Us Navy  
3879504   Method for injection molding of explosive and pyrotechnic material Apr 22, 1975 David A Colpitts, Jack Sherman, Ronald R Vigneault Us Navy  
3802971   Pyrotechnic formulations for weather modification comprising a mixture of iodates (Wiki)
Apr 9, 1974 L Burkardt, C Stanifer, W Finnegan, F Odencrantz Us Navy  
3820463  Grenade Shotgun Gernade Jun 28, 1974   Us Navy  
3820953   Method for measuring liquid particle distribution from fogs clouds and sprays Jun 28, 1974 C Drew, Ewan W McLean Us Navy  
3821043   Hydrazine gel composition Jun 28, 1974 N Sippel Us Navy  
3821737  VT Fuze
Ratio (sic: Radio) fuze (altimeter type) Jun 28, 1974
(19 year delay)
Kalmus H (Top Secret 1955 -1974) MICRON SEMICONDUCTOR 342/68, 342/91, 102/214

Aerial launch system
(for helicopter)
D Knutsen, K Holmes, J Knepshield
Dept of Navy

3827656   Protective weapon for attack aircraft Aug 6, 1974 Bush J, Dettling R, Zulkowski T Us Navy  
3829859  VT Fuze
Low-noise fuze Aug 13, 1974
(20 year delay)
Goldberg H, Kalmus H, Sanders M (top Secret 1954 - 1974)   342/68, 102/214
3833905 VT Fuze Proximity fuze
balanced for carrier elimination
Sep 3, 1974 Apstein M Us Army
3849778  VT Fuze
Pulse doppler fuse (6 tubes)
Nov 19, 1974
(24 year delay)
Redcay P (Top Secret 1950 - 1974) Us Army  342/68, 102/214, 342/202
3853059  SW Configured blast fragmentation warhead Dec 10, 1974 R Moe Us Navy  
3855789   Explosive coupling assembly Dec 24, 1974 Platzek H Us Navy  
3858207 VT Fuze Range sensing target detecting device Dec 31, 1974
(8 year delay)
Gravelle N, Macomber B Us Navy
3858516  SADF Thermal arming system (missile safe & arm) Jan 7, 1975
(24 year delay)
Rabinow Jacob Us Army  
3864566 PE Fuze
Optical systems and associated detecting means Feb 4, 1975
(18 year delay)
George R Simpson, Stephen M Macneille American Optical Corp
3866037 PE Fuze
Optical systems and associated detecting means Feb 11, 1975
(18 year delay)
George R Simpson American Optical Corp
3867893 ASROC Rocket-thrown missile
anti-submarine weapon Wiki: ASROC
Feb 25, 1975
(15 year delay)
Saholt Orville J, Stoehr Donald Us Navy  
3872792 VT Fuze
(FM modulated)
Mar 25, 1975
(19 year delay)
Goldberg Harold, Sanders Milton (Top Secret 1956 - 1975) Us Army 102/214, 342/68

Automatic command guidance system using optical trackers (launch plane controls missile to ship)
Frederick C Alpers
Dept of Navy

3877377  VT Fuze
Proximity Fuze (Top Secret 20 yrs) Apr 15, 1975
(20 year delay)
Rabinow Jacob Us Army 102/214, 342/68
Voltage-tunable, seven-decade, continuously-variable oscillator
Kay R Richardson
ept of Navy
3879637  wEye Television camera (TV-guided missiles) Apr 22, 1975 Woodworth William H Us Navy  
Wideband, matched three port power divider
Joseph A Mosko, Robert G Corzine
Dept of Navy

3888180 SW
Rod warhead Jun 10, 1975
(7 year delay)
Eugene L Nooker Us Navy
3887446 Swcomp Electrochemical preparation of metallic tellurides Jun 3, 1975 Mcewan William S, Miles Melvin    
3890901  SADF Digital electronic safety and arming system (missile S&A) Jun 24, 1975 Anderson Matthew E, Redmond Stephen L Us Navy  
3895581  VT Fuze
Voltage supply for radio proximity fuze Jul 22, 1975
(24 year delay)
Jacob Carlyle W (Top Secret 1951 - 1975) Us Navy 102/214, 342/68
3897283   Plastic bonded explosive composition Jul 29, 1975 Falterman Charles W, Wiebke Ethyl F Secretary of the Navy  
Angle gating
1975-09-02 Frederick C Alpers
Dept of Navy

3905298 VT Fuze Electronic proximity fuse incorporating means for preventing premature detonation by electronic counter measures
3063345 exp bomb (19 yr)
Sep 16, 1975
(14 year delay)
Rehbock Ekkehard Telefunken
3906861  SADF Fuze sterilization system Sep 23, 1975 Crossley John E, Hamilton C Robert, Hampton Thomas W, Morris Kenneth N Us Navy  
3907947   Method for shaped charge bomblet production Sep 23, 1975 Neuhaus Herbert M, Sherman Jack, Silver Wallace E, Williams Lloyd A    

Guided missile
RIM-2 Terrier (Wiki)
(19 year delay)
Wilbur H Goss, Henry H Porter,
Richard B Roberts, Merle Antony Tuve, Jesse W Beams, Harner Selvidge
Dept of Navy

Proximity sensing device
uses waveguide magit-T, trigger on radar jam
Oct 7, 1975
(9 year delay)
Banks Donald S Us Navy
3913104 VT Fuze
Incoherent spectral comparison fuze system with hybrid agc (noise modulated)
Oct 14, 1975
(16 year delay)
Adrian Donald J, Cash Carlton H Us Navy
3916759   Rocket launcher
(extremely lightweight portable rocket launcher)
Nov 4, 1975 Forster Robert H, Jones Bernard M, Loyal Harry C, Quist Donald G, West Gaylon L Us Navy  
Shrike Terminal aim point refinement circuit
Frederick C Alpers
Dept of Navy

3920199  wEye Rate-gyro stabilized platform Nov 18, 1975 Moulton Marc L, Woodworth William H Us Navy  
Bomblet fuze system (Tx bomblet and Rx bomblet)
Dec 2 1975
Robert L Conger, John A Parks, Leslie T Long
Us Navy
Pressure sensitive control device
(substantially unmovable Joystick Wiki)
William H Woodworth,
Robert D Cunningham

Fuze signal circuit
(ignores the noise in jet exhaust plumes)
Dec 9, 1975
(10 year delay)
Dick John O, Forrester Howard M Us Navy
3927849  Fluidics Fluidic analog ring position device (Wiki)

Kovalenko Gerald E, Woods Charles E Us Navy  
3929075 VT Fuze Guided missile fuze system
Dec 30, 1975
(11 year delay)
Beane Theodore E, Kirsch Alan L Us Navy
Linear shaped charge warhead
(8 year delay)
Paul E. Cordle, Melvin J. McCubbin


Electronic proximity fuse having multiple Doppler frequency channels
(countermeasure to prior art P. Fuzes)
Georg Schmucker

Monopulse receiver circuit for an anti-radar missile tracking system
(13 year delay)
Langthorne Sykes, Duane J. Russell,
Robert E. Atkinson
Dept of Navy


Gated video centroid tracker
(improvement on Area balance & contrast gradient)
(10 year delay)
James W. Callis, William A. Chambers
USAF Air-to-Ground-Missile TV guided


Proximity fuse
(a 20mm HE round explodes and the flash triggers
the following proximity fuzed round)
(13 year delay)
Richard T. Ziemba


Encoding altimeter (anti collision)
also see coding altimeter
Thomas S. Amlie

3978797  SADF Radiometric target detection device (passive anti-ship missile fuze) Sep 7, 1976 Frederick C. Alpers, William W. Harrington Secretary Of The Navy  
Warhead, penetrating nose shape
Paul E. Cordle, Melvin J. McCubbin, Clifford T. Johnson, James K. Brown

3994229  VT Fuze Pulse doppler proximity fuze (2 tubes)
2699543 ordnance fuze (10 yr) bomb & rocket
2856852 Prox Fuze (12 yr) (4 tubes) gun fired
many drawings
Nov 30, 1976
(19 year delay)
John W. Flowers Secretary Of The Navy  102/214, 342/68
Apparatus for sensing target distance
(uses gamma  X-rays)
Irving I. Sochard, Marcella C. Petree, Wallace N. Knutsen, Frederick E. Warnock, Edward A. White, Jr.

4024998   Rocket (fired backward from plane) Why? BC

May 24, 1977
(21 year delay)
William Hunter A. Boyd, Jacob Rabinow (DC)    
4032918 VT Fuze
Dual channel radio frequency fuzing system Jun 28, 1977
(14 year delay)
George F. Masin Secretary Of The Navy
Object detecting system
(26 year delay)
George F. Asbury, Earl J. Kohn, James R. Richards
Secretary Of The Navy
4040357  VT Fuze
Air target fuze (missile) Aug 9, 1977
(18 year delay)
William K. Saunders Secretary Of The Army 102/214, 342/68
4059052  VT Fuze Fuze modulation system Nov 22, 1977
(20 year delay)
Philip R. Karr Secretary Of The Army 102/214, 342/68
System for testing proximity fuzes
roof of building with numerous antennas nearby
Apr 11, 1978 John O. Dick Secretary Of The Navy
4089000 VT Fuze High altitude pulse doppler fuze May 9, 1978
(8 year delay)
William C. Bradford Secretary Of The Navy
4093154 SW Target seeking gyro for a missile (1953)
vacuum tubes
Jun 6, 1978
(25 year delay)
William B. McLean Walter G. Finch  
4118702  VT Fuze Doppler distance measuring system (proximity fuze) Oct 3, 1978
(19 year delay)
Jacob Rabinow (MD) Secretary Of The Army  
4122776  VT Fuze Dynamic clamp circuits  Oct 31, 1978
(24 year delay)
Paul M. Tedder (Top Secret 1954 - 1978) Secretary Of The Army 102/214, 327/335, 342/68, 327/551, 327/13
4139849  VT Fuze Doppler fuzing system having a high resistance to noise and jamming Feb 13, 1979
(25 year delay)
Paul M. Tedder Secretary Of The Army 342/68, 342/16, 102/214
4159476  VT Fuze Ejection fuze  Jun 26, 1979
(25 year delay)
Hans W. Kohler (Top Secret 1954 - 1979) Secretary Of The Army 102/214, 327/69, 342/68
4168663  VT Fuze Computer fuzes
3562752 Dist ind sys (18 yr) - AEC
4128836 Ord Fuze (18 yr)
Sep 25, 1979
(25 year delay)
Hans W. Kohler (Top Secret 1954 - 1979) Secretary Of The Army 102/214, 342/68
4185797  SW Target seeking gyro (1953)
vacuum tubes
Jan 29, 1980
(23 year delay)
William B. McLean Walter G. Finch  
4191346  SW Target seeking gyro
vacuum tubes
Mar 4, 1980
(23 year delay)
William B. McLean, deceased Walter G. Finch  
4194202  VT Fuze Grid pulsed oscillator and detector Mar 18, 1980
(21 year delay)
William E. Doyle (Top Secret 1959 - 1980) Secretary Of The Navy 102/214, 102/219, 327/494, 327/587, 342/16, 342/68
4194203  VT Fuze Pulse doppler-radio proximity fuze
3125026 Prox Fuze (19 yr)
3326130 Prox Fuze (18 yr)
Mar 18, 1980
(29 year delay)
William E. Doyle (Top Secret 1951 - 1980) Secretary Of The Navy  342/16, 342/68, 102/214
4195294  VT Fuze Dual channel proximity fuze Mar 25, 1980
(24 year delay)
John D. Reid (Top Secret 1956 - 1980) Secretary Of The Navy 102/214, 342/68, 342/16
4195295  VT Fuze Pulse doppler-radio proximity fuze Mar 25, 1980
(24 year delay)
John H. Kuck (Top Secret 1959 -1980) Secretary Of The Navy 342/68, 342/16, 102/214
4195574 PE Fuze
Optical fuze (thermal IR)
Apr 1, 1980
(19 year delay)
Stephen M. MacNeille Secretary Of The Navy
4203110 VT Fuze Microwave proximity fuze requiring no warm-up time after being activated (transistors)
May 13, 1980
(17 year delay)
John O. Dick Secretary Of The Navy
4203365  VT Fuze Jammer apprehending amplifier for proximity fuzes
(jammer resistance circuits)
May 20, 1980
(24 year delay)
Bradshaw Burnham, Charles F. Nichols Secretary Of The Navy 102/214, 342/16, 342/68
4218525 ResBat Reserve type battery Aug 19, 1980
(31 Year Delay)
Paul J. Selgin Secretary Of The Army
4218977  VT Fuze Doppler distance measuring system (Proximity Fuze) Aug 26, 1980
(21 year delay)
Henry P. Kalmus (Top Secret 1959 - 1980) Secretary Of The Army 102/214, 342/68
VT Fuze
Jammer apprehending amplifier for proximity fuzes
(24 Year delay)
Bradshaw Burnham
Charles F. Nichols
US Secretary of Navy
4220952  VT Fuze Random FM autocorrelation fuze system Sep 2, 1980
(24 year delay)
Donald J. Adrian, Thomas B. Whiteley Secretary Of The Navy 102/214, 342/68
4232314  VT Fuze FM Autocorrelation fuze system Nov 4, 1980
(22 year delay)
Donald J. Adrian (Top Secret 1958 - 1980) Secretary Of The Navy 342/68, 102/214
4245558 PE Fuze
Infrared proximity fuze electronic amplifier Jan 20, 1981
(18 year delay)
Michael Flaherty Secretary Of The Navy
4270142   Adaptive slant range compensator for a remote optical mapping system
Gerald R. Mackelburg, Peter D. McCardell, Howard B. McCracken Secretary of the Navy  
4307855 SW Target seeking gyro (1953)
William B. McLean Walter G. Finch  
4309003 SW Target seeking gyro (1953)
William B. McLean Walter G. Finch  
4309004 SW Target seeking gyro (1953)
William B. McLean Walter G. Finch  
4309005 SW Target seeking gyro (1953)
William B. McLean Walter G. Finch  
Wideband direction-finding system
(8 year delay)
Joseph A. Mosko
Dept of Navy
Target locating and missile guidance system
(very complex system)
(11 year delay)
James D. McLean, Frederick C. Alpers, George R. Lanning, Fred H. Camphausen
Dept of Navy

Symmetrical beam-forming network
(9 year delay)
Robert G. Corzine, Guenter H. Winkler
Dept of Navy
Target detecting device Mar 23, 1982
(14 year delay)
Erwin I. Abadie, Kenneth A. Lawlor, John O. Dick Secretary Of The Navy
4337701  SADF Electromechanical (missile) warhead safety-arming device Jul 6, 1982 James G. Janson Secretary Of The Navy  
Incendiary fragmentary warhead
(7 year dealy)
Melvin J. McCubbin, Clifford T. Johnson, Paul E. Cordle


(composite plate light weight)
Robert G. S. Sewell, John K. Pringle, Marvin E. Backman, Stephen A. Finnegan Dept of Navy

Phased array of six log-periodic dipoles
(11 year delay)
Robert G. Corzine
Dept of Navy
4360812  VT Fuze FM-CW Fuze  Nov 23, 1982
(15 year delay)
Salvador J. Peperone (Top Secret 1967 - 1982) Secretary Of The Army 342/128, 102/214, 342/68
4431306   Method and apparatus for precision control of radiometer Feb 14, 1984 Roger S. Estey, Michael F. Hanna    
Integrated spiral antenna and printed circuit balun
Robert G. Corzine, Joseph A. Mosko
Dept of Navy

Integrable broadside power divider
(H: Statutory Invention Registration (SIR))
Joseph A. Mosko
Dept of Navy
Direction finding antenna interface
Robert G. Corzine, Joseph A. Mosko Dept of Navy
4661907   Method for determining an angstrom exponent for correcting satellite color scanner images (ocean color)
Robert A. Arnone, Ronald J. Holyer (Carriere, Miss.) Secretary Of The Navy  
Discontinuous-taper directional coupler
George L. Millican, Joseph A. Mosko
Dept of Navy

Armor penetration resistance enhancement
(adds armor to missile)
Marvin E. Backman, Stephen A. Finnegan, Kent G. Whitman, Robert G. S. Sewell
Dept of Navy

Shaped charge
(18 year delay)
Robert G. S. Sewell, John Pearson
Dept of Navy

Coupled strip line circuit
Robert G. Corzine, Joseph A. Mosko
Dept of Navy

Optical seeker with rosette scanning
(YouTube: Strela-2 Missile IR seeker)
Mar 12, 1991 Gerd Semler, Gerd Wilhelm Bodenseewerk Geratetchnik Gmbh
Broad band, polarization diversity monopulse antenna
(20 year delay)
Robert G. Corzine, Bruce E. Bolstad,
John S. Johantgen

Spherical warhead
(Anti-Radiation Missile (ARM) warhead)
Thomas R. Zulkoski, Robert G. S. Sewell

Aimable warhead
pattern of shrapnel can be controlled at detonation
Jan 26, 1993
(28 year delay)
James C. Talley Secretary Of The Navy

Solid state time base corrector (TBC)
John L. Piri, Marc L. Moulton

5679921   Infra-red tracking flare Oct 21, 1997
(29 year delay)
George T. Hahn, Paul G. Rivette, Rodney G. Weldon Secretary Of The Navy  
5791591   Target seeking free gyro Aug 11, 1998 Fay Hoban Secretary Of The Navy  
6198425  VT Fuze Pulse doppler target detecting device (5 tubes)
Mar 6, 2001
(31 year delay)
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6518912  VT Fuze Signal processing circuit (Noise or CW jamming imune) Feb 11, 2003
(37 year delay)
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7504177 ResBat
Reserve battery with set back mechanism for delayed battery activation Mar 17, 2009 Mark John Peabody Eaglepicher Technologies, Llc
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Safe and Arm

Whenever the U.S. military makes use of explosives in munitions a Safe and Arm mechanism is typically present to prevent the explosive from going off during normal handling and mishandling of the munition. 

Ref: Design Methodology for Safe and Arm Devices, F. Sauerlaender, OSD, Aug 2001, NAWCWD, China Lake (DTIC.pdf)
Acknowledgements: Steven Fowler, Jack Waller, David Riggs, Ken Chirkis, Erhard Knebel, Werner Gehrke,
"Fuze development is a very complex process. For example, not only must the fuze initiate the warhead at the appropriate time (reliability considerations), the weapon must be safe to store, transport, and handle prior to that point (safety considerations).  In other words, throughout its lifetime, the fuze must be 99.9999% safe"


4091734 Aircraft to weapon fuze communication link, Stephen L. Redmond, Steven E. Fowler, Dept of Navy, 1978-05-30, -

Prior Art: AWW-1, AWW-2m AWW-4: Fuze function control sets.  Choose, by setting voltage at release: (proximity (+300), instantaneous (+195), delay1 (-195)or delay2 (-300)).  Makes use of the Mark 39 quick-disconnect receptacle which has problems with high humidity.  see: 3667392
4215633 Acoustic emission contact fuze with signal processing capability, Matthew E. Anderson, Timothy P. Zvada, Jack T. Waller, Jr., Dept of Navy, 1980-08-05, - triggers based on sound in the 100kHz to 1 MHz range, of impact between missile and aircraft.

H492H Safe/arm device, Jerome A. Kong, David L. Riggs, Dept of Navy, 1988-07-05, - [statutory invention registration See 35 U.S.C. 157, repealed 9/16/2011]

Air to Air Missiles



The Bat TV guided bomb (Wiki) demonstrated a problem caused by movement of the air frame caused by aerodynamic movement which in turn changed where the TV camera looked.  That in turn means that for a TV camera fixed to the air frame the field of view needs to be much wider so that target lock is not broken.  If target lock is broken it may take some time to reacquire or it may never reacquire.  I expect this lesson had been learned before or during the development of Sidewinder.

Rolleron: Wiki,


Fig 1 Overall
                      Missile Rolleron
Fig 2 Rolleron locked (shipping & storage?)
                      Missile Rolleron
Fig 4  Bottom
                      Missile Rolleron
Fig 3 Rolleron unlocked
                      Missile Rolleron


                              Gyroscopic roll control system for
                              Gyroscopic roll control system for

2775202 Gyroscopic roll control system for aircraft, Sydney R Crockett, 1956-12-25 -

Only works to stabilize missile in roll.
like Rolleron except pivot shaft is 90 deg to C.L.

I'm guessing that if the air frame rolls the IR guidance system which uses what amounts to circular scanning might get confused and break lock. So that may have been the impetus to add this device.
                              Three axis gyroscopic aerodynamic damping
                              system, Leonard T Jagiello, Sec of Navy,
                              10 May 1960
                              Three axis gyroscopic aerodynamic damping
                              system, Leonard T Jagiello, Sec of Navy,
                              10 May 1960

2935947 Three axis gyroscopic aerodynamic damping system, Leonard T Jagiello, Sec of Navy, 10 May 1960 -
"Three axis" is in title because by canting the pivot axis from 90 to 45 degrees a lot more control has been achieved in Pitch, Yaw and Roll.

These improvements all make the view of the IR sensor more stable, that's to say make it less likely to loose lock.

It goes without saying (but I'm saying it here) that this is a missile that does not roll like a bullet, but rather has a well defined up, down left and right directions.
                              Pie rotary damper, Earl J Donaldson, James
                              W Oestreich, 1966-11-15
                              Pie rotary damper, Earl J Donaldson, James
                              W Oestreich, 1966-11-15

3285536 Pie rotary damper, Earl J Donaldson, James W Oestreich, 1966-11-15, -

Air to Ground Missiles

An image dissector tube showed up on eBay with a description that it was used in a TV like camera to guide a drone-bomb.  Farnsworth (Wiki) patented a Fusor (see my Electron/fusion web page) that will never work and made a number of contributions to TV technology.

Early U.S. work on a TV guided bomb (Wiki) was not successful.  The GB-1 (Wiki), and the GB-4 (Wiki) were early Guide Bombs that did not work.  Some experimental versions tried TV and other forms of guidance. 

The Azon (Wiki) AZimuth ONly glide bomb did work.  Developed under Division 5 of the NDRC (Wiki) VB-1 (1,000#) and VB-2 (2,000#) bombs.
See Ref 28, Ref 29 & Ref 30 videos.
Uses a pair of gyroscopes to prevent rotation, i.e. up - down - left - right have meaning.  See Rolleron above for a simpler way.
The Radio receiver is a box as is the dual gyro unit.  The 24 VDC battery is also a box.  All three boxes are inserted in the back of the Azon adapter and paperwork is placed under the flare.  I'm guessing that part of the paperwork is the radio channel used for that receiver. There are videos showing 5 Azon bombs all in the air at the same time which implies five bombers and 5 operators controlling each of them.

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VB-3 RAZON (WikiRange and AZimuth ONly.  VB-3 (1,000#) and VB-4 (2,000#) bombs.

ASM-A-1 Tarzon (Wiki) VB-13 RAZON guidance system and British Tallboy (Wiki) 12,000# bomb.  AN/ARW-38 Remote Control Radio Transmitter and AN/URW-2 Remote Control Receiver.  Too large to fit inside the B-29 so mounted half in and half out slowing down the B-29.

ASM-N-2 Bat

The ASM-N-2 Bat (Wiki) was an early RADAR guided bomb.  It started out as a TV Guided bomb (Wiki: Bat-history).  This was closely  related to Project Pigeon (Wiki) where a pigeon would guide the bomb.  Pigeons in a Pelican by B.F. Skinner, Harvard Univ,
Also see Rolleron regarding the need for a stable air frame.

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Walleye (Wiki)

The AGM-62 Walleye (Wiki) was a 1960s TV guided bomb.  This was developed at China Lake by: Norman Kay (hands on TV experience, no patents), William H. Woodworth, Dave Livingston, Jack Crawford, George Lewis, Larry Brown, Steve Brugler, Bob (Sam) Cunningham

To get away from command guided missiles and have a launch and leave capability was the goal.  Note that Laser Guided "smart bombs" are NOT launch and leave, they require target designation until impact.

This is my best guess as to Walleye related patents.  But some may apply to another missile or to both Walleye and some other, or if I made a mistake it's a patent that does not belong on this list.
Excluded are patents that Walleye borrowed from Sidewinder which would include the servo actuators but not the gas powered electrical generator which did not have the run time needed for Walleye (1 min 30 sec for a long drop) and so Walleye used a tail mounted propeller to drive a generator.

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