Welnavigate GS-100 L1 C/A GPS Code Simulator

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I have a passion for GPS, see Related below, and got this to see how they made it.

The Stanford Telecom 5001A Navstar Test Transmitter was made made directly from ICD-200 where a wire wrap board would be a block from the diagram.  It uses 7400 series TTL logic chips, no microcontrollers back then.

The Northern Telecom GPS Satellite Simulator STR2760 is much more modern and uses Motorola 68000 microcontrollers.  This is a 10 channel (5 L1 & 5 L2) simulator that does C/A & P-Code.  There are I & Q modulators for both L1 and L2 frequencies. Capable of simulating: Velocity: +/1 120km/s, Acceleration: +/- 3600m/s2 (350 g), Jerk: +/- 5,000 m/s3 (500 g/s).  You could say this unit is more than ten times more capable than the Welnavigate GS-100 shown on this page.


This is a single channel L1 only C/A code signal generator.  When the CODE switch is turned off the L1 carrier appears on the output.  If the Doppler is turned on and the Doppler Control knob turned the carrier frequency will move.


Fig 1
Welnavigate GS-100 L1 C/A GPS Code Simulator

Fig 2
Welnavigate GS-100 L1 C/A GPS Code Simulator

Fig 3
Welnavigate GS-100 L1 C/A GPS Code Simulator

Fig 4
Welnavigate GS-100 L1 C/A GPS Code Simulator

Fig 5
Welnavigate GS-100 L1 C/A GPS Code Simulator
Xilinx XC3164A
Fig 6
Welnavigate GS-100 L1 C/A GPS Code Simulator

Fig 7
Welnavigate GS-100 L1 C/A GPS Code Simulator

J1: F Pnl switches
J2: R Pnl BNC
J3: +12 & +5 VDC
J4: to uW
J5: to uW
J6: to 10.23 Crystal Oven
J7: 10.23 MHz out
TP1: 112.53 MHz out
Fig 8
Welnavigate GS-100 L1 C/A GPS Code Simulator
Main board layout

112.53 (U14) * 14 = 1575.42 MHz
10.23 * 154 = 1575.42 MHz


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