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3454769 Two-colour radiation ratio pyrometer, Barry Dynes, Associated Portland Cement Manf, 1969-07-08, 374/125; 250/394; 374/127; 374/181; 250/214SG; 356/45; 374/168 - to help with  unknown emissivity (Wiki).

Barnes Engineering -

2983887 Radiation sensitive devices, Eric M Wormser, Barnes Eng, 1961-05-09, 338/18 - ground and polished  oxides of manganese, nickel and perhaps cobalt thermistor flakes, thallium bromide iodide IR window,
3137170 Infrared telethermometer, Robert W Astheimer, Current Assignee Edo Corp Barnes Eng, 1964-06-16, 250/339.04; 359/891; 374/127; 356/43 - RM-2 Radiometric Microscope InSb? (we had one of these at Aertech).  [Barnes: PEAC Photoelectric autocollimator: little info]


10 Hz IR Avalanche Pulser - for use with beam breaker or as test source
China Lake Patents - includes proximity fuze based on both radio and optical
Electro Optical Gadgets - includes IR pulse sender and receiver
Exotech 100BX Radiometer -  multi-spectral filters on four channels
Flashlight Patents - includes Surefire & other weapon lights that have IR modes
Fire - emits near and long wave IR
GVS-5 Laser Infrared Observation Device MX-9838/GVS-5 - laser rangefinder using IR (1064 nm)
Haiku Ceiling Fan by Big Ass Fans - includes info on IR remote.
Hilger & Watts Spectrometer D 186.3/290 - used for early physics discoveries.
Integrating Sphere  - includes optical sensor electronics working in log mode for very high dynamic range
IR Beacons  - fit on top of a 9V battery
IR Photo Transistor Sensor
M18 IR Binocular - Vietnam era near IR
M-227 Signal Lamp Equipment SE-11 -5 "D" cell flashlight, includes near IR filter
M32 Tank IR Gun Sight - near IR, not thermal
Modular Outdoor Intrusion Detectors - includes IR beam breaker
Optics - many aspects
Optical Spectrum Analyzers: Monolight, Besler, Wollensak, Ocean Optics, Spectronic, Welch,
PAS-6 Varo Metascope Model 9902E  - near IR source and viewer
Pyrometer Ircon DN-DNS30-20C - (Wiki: Pyrometer) Optical viewing diode electrical sensing. - Wien's displacement law (Wiki), emissivity (Wiki), 0.7 to 1.9 um wavelength Silicon sensor, very small spot size.
Hughes Probeye Infrared Thermal Viewer - thermal viewer, requires high pressure gas for cooling
SDU-5/E Marker Distress Light - strobe lamp includes a lot of near IR + Near IR filter optioin
Seansors - all types including IR
Sperti Ultra Violet and Infra-Red Sun Lamps -
Thermal Hand Held Imager DFOV - large crystal IR lens, requires high pressure gas for cooling
TSL267 IR to Voltage
TVS-2B Night Vision Scope MX-7794B, Crew Served Weapon Night Sight - works in near IR as well as low light
AN/UAS-4 Infrared Surveillance System - thermal and near IR, multi-spectral filters
US Navy Infrared Signaling Telescope US/C-3 - W.W.II near IR sensor
VVS-2(V)4 Driver's Night Vision Viewer - advanced low light and near IR viewer.
Weston Model 594 Photronic Cell, Weston 603, 614, 615, 617, 650, 703, 715, 756, 819 & others - about visible light, but a little near IR


About QFI: Quantum Focus Instruments Corporation was founded in 1997 as a spin-off from EDO/Barnes Engineering. EDO/Barnes was a well-known pioneer in IR detectors and systems (first infrared microscope 1963), as well as in the field of photoemission microscopy.


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