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Aertech Industries - where I worked for almost a few decades

Rack and Stack Systems

About Rack and Stack Systems
Understanding Diodes & RF/Microwave Operation
Past Projects
Microwave Test Equipment
Computer Languages &HP-IB Controllers
Contact Rack and Stack Systems
Radar Warning Receivers
Aertech - TRW Microwave - FEI Microwave - Metelics


Astronomical CCD Sensors  
Binoculars Table with calculated data as well as my Holding Power Index
Plot of Performance for selected giant binoculars
CCD Camera Table comparing some astronomical CCD cameras (1999)
Cloud Sensors (for astronomy, or maybe weather
Galileoscope Telescope Kit
Nexstar 60GT Telescope
SkyScout - Celestron Astronomical Instrument (personal Planetarium)
Star Brightness Magnitude Numbers & Low Light Security Cameras
Telescope Mounts
Table of Scientific CCD Cameras (1999)


Batteries used with the PRC-25 & PRC-77
5 Station Battery Charger, Magnavox 706841-801 for PRC-68 family radio batteries
BA-5590/U Military Standardized Battery BA-5590/U Family - see 5590BA Battery Adapter
Battery Chargers
Simple Battery Charger for BB-588/U
Battery Testers
Battery Patents
BB-490/U Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Chemtronics LS 91 & LS 94 TS-4403/U & TS-4403A/U Battery State of Charge Meter LiSO2 7 to 9 AH
Dewalt 12.0 Volt XR NiCad Battery
Leclanché Battery Short History of the Flashlight Battery
Maha MH-C401FS AA/AAA Ni-MH Ni-Cad charger
Maha C777 Plus II Battery Charger, Analyzer, Cycler
Maha MH-C9000 AA/AAA Charger, Analyzer, Discharger, Break-in, Cycler
Nickel-zinc NiZn AA Battery (1.6 V per cell)
No. 6 Dry Cell
PP-7286/U Battery Charger Time & Current
PP-7601 6 Station Battery Charger Navy/Marine charger for PRC-68 family batteries
PP-8249 SINCGARS Battery Charger, mainly for tanks, but I don't think it was ever used?
PP-8444A/U Universal Portable Charger (UPC) small suitcase charger for BB-xx90
PP-8496/U Self Discharge Device w/Capacity Meter
Propel BB-590 Battery Charger
PSM-13 Battery Test Set (fits ALICE belt)
Ready To Use Battery, Sanyo eneloop AA with long shelf lift, using with MH-C401FS charger
Triton2 Charger Discharger Cycler
TS-183B/U Battery Tester & Large Table of Military Batteries
TS-1836 Transistor Test Set
Universal Smart Charger


Amateur Radio

ICOM 706 ham radio
NRD545 Receiver & Related

Cryptography & Electronic Warfare

Crypto Machines
Cryptographic Patents
CV-4228 PC to SINCGARS Fill Cable Converter, Digital-to-Digital Cable
Fill Cable, U-183
GRA-71 Coder-Burst Transmission Group
GRA71-PRC316 Adaptor Unit
Hollow Nickel Spy Case Abel
Table of Contents for The Jennifer Project (Russian K129 sub) by Clyde W. Burleson, 1997 Texas A&M University Press; ISBN: 0890967644
KY-38 Secure Voice System
KY-57 Transmission Security Device
KY-65 TSEC/TSEC/KY-65 Narrowband Secure Voice Unit
KY-864/U Encoder/Decoder-Analog/Digital
KY-99 Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal (ANDVT)
TSEC/KYV-2(A)  Secure Voice Module (aka: SVM68) - Wiring
M-94 Cipher Wheels
MSC2001 Voice Encryption Unit (VEU)
MX-18290/VRC Fill Device, ELEK CCM
NAVEDTRA10251 CD-ROM pdf version of Cryptographic Collection Equipments, Naval Education & Training Command
Enigma, How Joe Desch, based in Dayton, beat the Nazi code and helped win the war [From the Dayton Daily News: 02.25.2001]
USM-481 Test Set VINSON Interconnecting Boxs & Cables



30 to 88 MHz VHF Low Band Antennas
AMRAD LF Active Whip Antenna
AS-2360 HF Loop Antenna Parts List
AS-1405/PRC-41 UHF Antenna
AS-1729/VRC Vehicle VHF Whip Antenna that uses the MX-6707 Base , AS-1720/VRC & AT-1095/VRC Antenna elements
AS-2109 VHF low band Antenna (simulates either the AT-271 or AT-892 on the PRC-77
AS-2259/GR HF NVIS Antenna and NVIS in General
AS-3588/GRC-206 VHF-AM & UHF-AM Antenna
AT-1011/U aka Shakespeare 120 HF Antenna
AT-271/PRC VHF 10' Fishing Pole Antanna
AT-984/G HF VHF Fishing Reel Antenna
GRA-50 Wire Antenna, HF NVIS Dipole w/reels at the ends
Loopstick Antenna WWVB & C-Max WWVB Receivers
Loose Coupler used on early radios between antenna and the rest of the radio
OE-254/GRC Bi-Conical VHF Antenna Group (full VHF low band)
OE-303 1/2 Rhombic VHF Directional Antenna
RC-292 Antenna, VHF low band mast mounted requires element changes to cover all of VHF low band
Shortened Antennas for Portables by Dennis Starks
SORAK Special Operations Radio Antenna Kit OE-452/PRC Five Configurations HF through VHF coverage
Wire Antennas - mainly about Camouflage Netting Mast Kits, including antenna line launchers CSV17 Tennis ball and EZ-Hang Slingshot

Audio (not just military)

Audio Connectors & Military Cloning - Fill - Retransmission
Audio Patch Panel, rack mount, 1/4" phone
Radio Shack Simplex Repeater, conversion for use with U-229 connector mil radios
AM-4979/GR Amplified Speaker
CX-7867 U-299 Extension Cable
EM200 Ear Mike - Speaker
Funkanpaßgerät WT-FM-E1 AP01 Telefunken Military wire to radio interface
GRA-39 Radio Set Control, C-2328 remote unit & C-2329 local unit
H-161E/U Headset used in Crew Served Vehicles (2 connectors)
H-250/U Handset with Noise Canceling mike
H-251A/U Headset (earphones)
H-33F/PT Handset
H-350/U Handset
HS-30-A Headphones, CD-604 Transformer
HS2B4 Plantronics Supra  -01NC 992C Headset
LS-454/U Loudspeaker (& modification to common U-229 wiriing)
Magnacord 1024 Reel to Reel Tape Recorder
M-153/U Microphone, Voice Silencer (court reporting, battlefield)
M-80/U Handset (Microphone)
Military Audio Accessories
Military Radio Headset/Mic Test Harness U-229
MK-356/G Wire Splicing Kit
MK-456(*)/GRC Retransmission Cable
Signal Design, Inc. 65630 Audio Recorder RD-609/TSQ-164 Communications Recorder
TS-585 Audio Level Meter
U-229 Audio Accessories
U-229 Pin Out by Function
U-229 "Y" Cable
UIQ-10 Public Address Set
VIC Vehicle Inter Communication


Digital Radio Modes
OPS Series, Village & Hamlet Radios  by Dennis Starks
VRC12 Series VHF Low Band Radios


AN/ARN-89 LF HF Direction Finder Set
Light Weight LF DF Beacon Transmitter ( back packable)
Phase Tracking Receivers
Spectrum Plots: 0 to 200 kHz 200 to 400 kHz
Stoddart URM-6 Set, URM-106 Field Strength Meter 14 to 250 Kc

MF (AM Broadcast Band)

Crystal Radio 1800? & Brooke Clarke #1
One WD-11 Tube Radio  Armstrong patent


AM-7148 HF RF Amp for GRC-206 or URC-113
BC-611 SCR-536 HF Radio set Signal Corps
Chirp Sounder Receivers
Cubic R-3030 Dual VLF-HF Receiver
DR33 MacKay Dymek All Wave Professional Receiver & Related Dymek equipment
FS-5000 Spy Radio
GRC-106 Radio System
GRC-109 HF Set (Spy, Special Forces)
GRC-206 Cables
HF Propagation - HF Propagation scale drawing 
ME-61/GRC HF Field Strength Meter
Monitoring the World's Ionosondes Courtesy of Popular Communications (as printed in Sepetember 1993)
So Now You Have a PRC-47 by Dennis Starks; Collector/Historian
Para-Military, OPS Series Radios; Part I, In The Beginning,, by Dennis Starks
PRC-104 HF Receiver Transmitter
PRC-47 HF tranceiver 2 man carry
PRD-1 HF Direction Finding Radio
RCS-5A Chirp Sounder Receiver
RCS-5A Chirp Sounder Log 39:11 N - 123:50 W
Radio Direction Finding
Harris RF-3200ET Portable Transceiver
TCS Navy HF Set
TRC-77 HF Military Radio misc notes
Radio Receiving Set AN/TRQ-23 Antenna Group OE-4/GR AS-2360 Series Loop Antennas


816173 Frame Panel Assembly common to the PRC-126, PRC-128, PRC-136 Radios
AM2060 Amplifier-Power Supply Groups OA-3633/GRC and OA-3633A/GRC (NSN 5820-00-973-3383) AM-2060 & AM-2060A
AM-4477 Range Booster for the PRC-25 or PRC-77
BC-639-A VHF 100 - 150 Mc AM Receiver
Black Box VHF Beacon Transmitter, both figuratively and literally
CEI VHF & UHF Tempest Receiving System & TEMPEST related
CU-2194 VHF Diplexer
Datron World Communications Inc. MT1060DS Vech Adapter
DZAAS VHF Receiver Drop Zone Assembly Aid System
TS-1755A/GRM-55A for the PRC-25
HEXJAM VHF low band jammer
MK-2137/PRC-68 Maintenance Kit
Motorola Model N1325A Convertacom
PRC-126 VHF Hand Held Tranceiver
PRC-128 Scope Shield (can be either VHF low band or VHF high band)
PRC-136 CFRCS Crash Fire Rescue Communications System (VHF high band)
PRC-25 Squad backpack radio
PRC-25 & PRC-77 Test Adapter for POWER connector
PRC-25 (or PRC-77) 25B Range Booster AM-4477/GRC
Check List for RT-505/PRC-25
Modification of Radio Receiver-Transmitter, RT-505/PRC-25 for use with AN/PCC-1 (PRC-77 used same pinouts)
PRC-6 VHF low band transceiver
PRC-6725 (PRC-139 w/o front panel) 30-88, 136-174, 403-470 MHz depending on RF module
PRC-68 Squad Radio
PRC-68A Squad Radio
PRC68AA Antenna Adapter for PRC-68 Family Radios 68AA with DC return
PRC-68 Surplus Antenna  Adapter p/n: 914598-801  DC open
PRC-68B Squad Radio
PRC68BA Battery Adapter for PRC-68 Family and others
PRC-68 Family Batteries
PRC-68 Family of Squad Radios
TS-3354 PRC68 Family Squad Radio Test Set
PRC-68 Series Repeater/Retransmission Cable
PRC-68 Series Specials & Prototypes
PRC68 Story Additions and Corrections to "The AN/PRC-68 Legacy" by Alan Tasker
PRC-77 Back Pack Squad Radio
PRT-4 & PRR-9 Squad Radio Transmitter & separate Receiver
TS-3951/PRM-34 VHF Low Band "God Box"
RF10 Czech RF-10 VHF low band military radio
RF-204 Detector RFI,  (not really bug detector, though might work)
RT-246 Military VHF low band vehicle radio part of the VRC-12 series & VRM-1 Test Set
RT-1185/GRA-114 Sound Observer Receiver Transmitter
RT-1319B PRC-113,  Aircraft VHF & Aircraft UHF back pack radio, used in VRC-83, GRC-206
RT-1439 SINCGARS (First Generation)
SINCGARS Squad Radios also see RT-1439
Spectrum Plots: Aircraft VHF High  118 - 136 MHz AM Band, Aircraft Nav, 150 MHz Sattelite, 153 MHz Pagers
URM-182A TS-3754/U VHF Low Band Power Meter
Vietnam "Village Radio"


PLRS EPLRS Position Location Reporting System
LST-5 Series SATCOM & Line Of Sight (LOS) UHF Radios
Military Satellite Communications MILSATCOM
R-1715/TRC-87A Military UHF Receiver
RT-1319B PRC-113,  Aircraft VHF & Aircraft UHF back pack radio, used in VRC-83, GRC-206


AM-6536 / ALR-54 LAMPS Radar Warning Receiver Front End (I designed the Limiter-Detectors)
ATI W RWR Universal Bench Test Kit
Bowman - H4855 - PRC-343 - Personal Role Radio PRR
Radar Warning Receivers

        Power Supplies & Vehicle Adapters

EMCU116 - Military 12 VDC to 24 VDC Inverter
OF-185 Vehicular Adapter & Radio Frequency Power Amplifier (PRC126, PRC-128, PRC-136)
M455-1/GRC-206 Power Source
MT-1029 Radio Mount, AM-2060, RT-246 & RT-524, etc.
MT-3823/GRC Shock mount, Electrical Equipment PRC-25 size case with the battery box attached
MT-6250/GRC-206 System Rack
PRC-68 Family Squad Radio DC Power
SB-4151/GRC-206 Power Distribution Unit PDU
SIAC M449 External Power Module


C-11166/GRC-206 Universal Radio System Control  URSC
C-11169/GRC-206  Signal Distribution Unit SDU
FM Bite/Audio Interface (GRC-206)
O-1814/GRC-206 Pacer Speak optional Rubidium Frequency Standard


Black Message Box with radio interface (crypto ? or spread spectrum hopping)
BR Communications 6029C Time Diversity Modem MD-1142/UGC Modem, Time Diversity
CF-28 Panasonic Toughbook Laptop Computer
Cloning Cable, PRC-68 Family Military Radio
CV-483/URA-17 FSK Converter (receiver audio to loop)
CV-89A/URA-8A Frequency Shift Converter (receiver audio to loop)
Digitech Digital Data Signal Generator System
Digitech 2150A Serial Data Generator model
Frederick Electronics 1203 FSK demodulator
F600 Frederick Electronics 600A BER Tester
F91120 Field Radio BER Test Set
TS-799/UGM-1 TTY Test Set (Pattern Generator)


Teletype Model 36 Monopulse Printer
Western Union Ticker 5-A Stock (Ticker) Quotation Machine

Survival Signaling

ACR 10 Survival Radio uses K308 power supply (battery)
BT-2B TS-2530 Survival Equipment Battery Tester
MS-2000M Distress Marker Light
PRC-112 Survival Radio
PRC-90 Survival Radio
PRC-96 Navy Lifeboat Survival Radio
PRM-32 (TS-20) Test Set, Survival Radio
SDU-30 Light Marker Distress
SDU-5/E Marker Distress Light
Survival Kit, post Korean War
TS-23 Light Output & Battery Tester for SDU-5/E Strobe Light
TS-24B survival Ratio Test Set
URC-68 Survival Radio
URC-68 Receiver-Converter Module A3


Telegraph Equipment, Stock Ticker, District Telegraph, Teletype, Keys, Relays, Sounders, Veedre Counter, Early Connectors, Electro-magnets
TG-5 Telegraph Set


2500 Touch Tone desk phone
Bell System 302 Dial Telephone
BS500 Bell System 500 Dial Telephone
CA-67 Interface Unit, Automatic Data Processing  Stardynamic  5895-01-443-5081
EE-8 Army Field Phone
Fullerphones - combined a normal field phone and a Fullerphone (Morse not voice) into one unit
KS8455L2 Line Loop Tester Telephone Installers & Repairman's Meter
MK-356/G Wire Splicing Kit
SB-22 Switchboard
SB-4170 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Photos & make web ready xxxxxxxxxxxx
Tempo Sidekick T&N Telephone Line Tester
TA-1 Military Field Telephone Set
TA-1042A/U Digital Non-Secure  Voice Terminal (DNVT)
TA-312 Military Field Telephone Set
TA-341/TT Military Touch Tone Desk Set
TA-838/TT Military Field Telephone Set
Telephone Tool Kit
Western Electric 202 Telephone Set


7" TFT Headrest Monitor, now dead
C/CS Lens for video cameras
FTA Free To Air TV
Harbor Freight Color Security Camera
Home Theater Screen and Sound
KPC350 Low Light CCTV Camera
PC33C Color CCTV Camera
PC164C Low Light CCTV Camera (KPC350)
SCP38 Super Circuits PC-38 (Mintron 63V5) CCTV Camera



Geodesic Dome Connector Plates

    Earth Moving

Tractors Allis Chalmers, Kubota, Husqvarna, Cat


Alidade Plane Table Surveying Instruments & AG8 (Kern DKM1) North Finding System
K&E 76 0000 Alidade
K&E Hand Levels
K&E Leroy Lettering Set
Care and adjustment of K&E Surveying Instruments
Leitz 115A Transit
M1913 Sketch Set, Surveying, Military Field Sketching
Method of Stadia - determine distance by angle subtended by known height
T. F. Randolph Level Surveyor's Engineering Instrument (my grandfather's)


19" Rack Mount Ststem - Rack 1, Rack 2, Rack 3, Rack 4, Time & Frequency Rack anotated photo
Crystal Unit Equivalent Circuit
Crystals, Electronic
Electronics Construction Techniques  
Faradic Instruments (Quack Medical)
Frequency Allocations
Impedance Measurements
Solar Electric System
Electronics Time Line
Transmission Line Zo vs. Frequency


Capacitors table with ESR and Cap measurements for different types
Diodes & RF/Microwave Operation
Distributors of electronic components
Joule Thief Single Cell LED Driver
Power Pole Connectors
Surface Mount Technology - an introduction for home projects


at&t DSL Modem Router
LED1PC2 6 digit LED display Precision Clock (Mar 2003)
HP-IB Controllers
Network 101 Basics
PC Support
Personal Digital Assistants
Parallel Port
PSG-9 Message Terminal (286 Computer)
StarBand sattelite Internet Access
Web Page Stuff

Micro controller

Motorola GPS Receiver "@@" computer commands
Microchip ICD2 In Circuit Debugger
PIC 16F88 Getting Started
PIC Microcontrollers by Package

    Test Equipment

AMREL EL-1132 Electronic Load
Crystal Activity Meter
DMM Digital Multimeters
Frequency Standard, Audio (Anti Reverse Engineering design)
HP 4395A Combination Network, Spectrum, Impedance Analyzer
HP 54501A Digital 100 MHz Oscilloscope
HP 204B Audio Oscillator from HP 3350 Carrier Test Set (AN/USM-181 Telephone Test Set
HP 241A Audio Oscillator w/Radio Buttons
HP 3437A System Voltmeter
HP 3458A DVM (very accurate if it can be fixed)
HP 415E SWR Meter
HP 4260A Universal Bridge
HP 427A Voltmeter AC & DC Volts & Ohms
HP 4274A & HP 4275A LCR Meters
HP 4328A Milliohmmeter
HP 4332 LCR Meter
HP 4395A Combination Network, Spectrum, Impedance Analyzer
HP 5004 Signature Analyzer
HP 5110A Synthesizer Driver & 5100A Frequency Synthesizer
HP 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter
HP 5345 Counter
HP 59000 Family HP-IB Accessory Modules
HP 6038A Power Supply
HP 6200 Scanner Problem (was WIN98 Problem)
HP 8648A 100 kHz to 1 Ghz Signal Generator w/ pager option
HP 33120 15 MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
HP AC-4A Decade Counter module (4 tubes)
HP-IB Controllers
HP E1938 Ovenized Crystal Oscillator
HP E6450B GPS Drive Test Receiver
HP K79 Custom In House Diode Test Set K79 0981C
Huntron Tracker In CIrcuit Component Tester
Kelvin Connection Measurements
Marconi TF-2700 Universal Bridge
Microwave Test Equipment
Millen 90651 Grid Dip Oscillator (Meter)
Model NS-LB White Noise Generator
PC based Oscilloscopes - Went with the Rigol box scope
Rigol DS1052E Oscilloscope
SG-1144/U Signal Generator 50 kHz to 80 MHz
SR715 LCR Meter
Tektronix 1502 Metallic Time Domain Reflectometer
TS-1775 Relay Test Set
Victor VC2000 Crystal & Frequency Meter
ZM-11/U Capactance-Inductance-Resistance Bridge, line powered
ZM-4 Bridge battery powered

Time & Frequency

Aircraft Instrument Panel Clocks
Ashtech Z-12 Reference Station GPS receiver
Austron 1290A 24 Volt Standby Power Supply
Austron 2042 LORAN-C Simulator
Austron 2100F, 2100T LORAN-C receivers & other Austron time and frequency instruments
Calculagraph Henry Abbott's time or dollar ticket printers
Dent Meridian Instrument - Dipleidscope - Noon Sundial
FTS 4060 & Datum 4065B Cesium Time and Frequency Standards
Heathkit GC-1000 Most Accurate Clock

HP 117 WWBV time standard receiver HP5100 5110A Synthesizer Driver & 5100A Frequency Synthesizer

HP 5060A Cesium Frequency Standard
HP 5216A 12.5 MHz Nixie Tube Electronic Counter
Lorchron LORAN-C Timing Receiver LFT-504
Low cost timer or LCD display? (Dollar Watch)
Measuring the Time for the Earth to make one Turn
Motorola GPS Receivers
O-1814/GRC-206 Pacer Speak optional Rubidium Frequency Standard
Precision GPS Measurements From: "Dr Thomas A Clark (W3IWI)"
Precision 6 Digit Clock (Sep 2002) these ideas led to the LED1PC2 clock
Precision Clock (Oct 2002) combines the two boards from the PC6 into one board and uses a bigger PIC, Stability table
PRS10 Rubidium Frequency Standard
Precision Standard Time Model 1020 WWV Receiver
Quantic Q-5200/SM Timing GPS Receiver
Quartz Kitchen Clock Movement
Time & Frequency Instruments in my Office
U.S. LORAN-C Chains (now turned off)
WWVB Loopstick Antenna & C-Max Receivers
Precision Clock - - Domain Name Parking
Russian Chronometer Pocket Watch
Self Winding Clock Co - Western Union Clocks
Self Winding Clock Co #2 - Western Union Clocks
SETC_S-1-24 Standard Electric Time Co. Time Interval Counter
Standard Electric Time Slave Clock
Sun Dial Optical Elements email
Shadow or Projection Clocks
Time & Frequency Test Equp:
Gibbs Crystal Oscillator 
Stanford Research SC10 Crystal Oscillator 
Stanford Research PRS10 Disiplined Rubudium Oscillator 
HP 53132A Counter 
Frequency Standard 
Stanford Research SR620 Counter 
HP 33120A Function ARB Generator 
HP 8648A Signal Generator 
Stanford Research DG535 
HP 54501 Scope
Time & Frequency Rack anotated photo
Time/Frequency Distribution Amplifier
ThunderBolt Trimble GPS Timing receiver


40 mm Gernade
BB Guns
FN FAL Rifle (.308 Match)
Hammerli 150 Free Pistol
M79 40 mm Gernade Launcher
Dragunov PSO-1M2 Scope night illumination
Ruger SP101 .357 Magnum Revolver

Information (Miscellaneous)

ALICE All-purpose, Lightweight, Individual, Carrying Equipment
Annotated Atheist Reading List
Brooke's Want, Trade, Sell (out of date)
Chinese Spouting Bowl
Demining (detecting & neutralizing land mines)
Electric mains power Generators
Forest Gardening
Juicers & Blenders
Listening to Bats
Low Power Broadcasting, Links related to
Hints & Tips What Goes Wrong
H.R. 3590 Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act
H.R. 4872 Health Care Reconciliation Act of 2010
Making pdf Documents
Military Actions Time Line
Military Collector Group Post (Mar.21/2001), Hughes HC-162, the first PRC-74, Testing of the GRA-71 & ? ca 1963
Military & Surplus, Dealers & Mfg. Radio & Electronics Related
Military Surplus Personal Home Pages
MIT Rad Lab Series on RADAR
Music, Electronic
Packaging for Shipment
Personal Home Page (Old)
Printing USPS Postage
Probability of Intercept
Robert Clarke Artist (my father)
Samovar Russian Water Heater for hot drinks
Active Storage - working on a more space efficient way to store things nearby that are frequently used
Ukiah Brewing Company
Ukiah, California & Vicinity
Ukiah Latitude Observatory

Light & Optics

Edscorp Field Range Finder by Edmund Scientific Corp.
Electro-optical Gadgets
Flashlights, Patents & Photos
MX-9838/GVS-5  Laser Infrared Observation Device (Laser Range Finder, LRF)
IR Beacons
Joule Thief Single Cell LED Driver
LM631A Amprobe (Meterman) Digital Light Meter
M18 IR Binoculars
M-227 Signal Lamp Equipment SE-11 - Gun shaped flashlight, trigger, relay, IR Filter option
Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES)
ML-OSA Monolight Optical Spectrum Analyzer
                & Beseler PM1 Darkroom Color Analyzer
                & Wollensak L3524D Direct Vision Spectroscope
                & Ocean Optics HR2000 Spectrometer
MS-2000M Distress Marker Light
Optics, Day & Night
PAS-6 Metascope IR Viewer & IR Source
Hughes Probeye Infraed Thermal Viewer
Dragunov PSO-1M2 Scope night illumination
PVS-5A Night Vision Goggles (NVG)
Russian monocular T3C Night Vision Image Intensifier
TVS-2B Night Vision Scope MX-7794B, Crew Served Vehicle
UAS-4 Infrared Surveillance System, AN/AAS-14 Infrared Detecting Set, MK-898/AAS-14A IR Optical Filter Kit
Weston Model 594 Photronic Cell light sensor


Arriflex 100 mm Ball Head Movie Camera Tripod
eBay Camera New Product Idea
High Dynamic Range Photography
Nikon (and Kodak DC290) Cameras
Nikon SB-25 Flash & Manfrotto C1575B Avenger Super Clamp
PSC-6 Digital Imaging Set & Sony MVC-5000 Digital Camera
Polaroid Sonar One Step Camera - source of Ultrasonic transducer


Navigation Orientation & Position
North Finding


Astro-Compass MkII
Automatic Astro Compass Type MD-1
MIL-S-5807A Sextant, Aircraft, Periscopic Kollsman Instrument Corporation MS part no. MS 28011-1


4 Way power splitter for GPS
Stanford Telecom 5001A Navstar Test Transmitter - made to test their GPS receiver ICs
Ashtech Z-12 Reference Station GPS receiver
DAGR Defense Advanced GPS Receiver
Magnavox MX 4102 Transit Satellite Navigator & MX 4200 Differential GPS receiver
Trimble Trimpack Family of GPS receivers
URN-502 CanadianVehicle Mount GPS Receiver System (first generation)


Micrologic SportNav Loran-C Receiver with MGRS
R-1897/PSN-6 Loran Reciever (Attaches to PRC-25 or PRC-77 squad radio)
TI 9100 LORAN-C Receiver Type III


Chinese Compass & Sundial


PLRS EPLRS Position Location Reporting System


Crystal Temperature compensation
Frequency Counters , FCP
Disciplined  Oscillators
Flashlights, Patents & Photos (more than just patents)
Fluxgate (& related)
GPS & Satellite Navigation
Gravity Meters
Intrusion Alarms
RF & Microwave Power Sensor
Stock Tickers (more than just patents)
Self Winding Clock Co.
Tilting Three Wheeler
Voice Scrambling


    Antenna Adapters


Antenna Adapter for PRC-68 family radios
Tape Whip Antenna Adapter holds AB-591 & AT-271 and screws into ham/CD bases


68AA - Antenna Adapter for PRC-68 family radios
TWA2 - Tape Whip Antenna Adapter holds AB-591 & AT-271 and screws into ham/CD bases

    Battery Adapters


Battery Adapter for PRC-25, PRC-74, PRC-77 mil radios
Brochure for 257477BA Battery Adapter
Brochure for Power Pole option of 257477BA Battery Adapter
First version of PRC-25 PRC-77 Battery Adapter
Battery Adapter for BA-5590/U and related military batteries
5BA Battery Adapter for SDU-5/E Distress Strobe Marker Light and commercial equivalents
68BA Battery Adapter for PRC-68 Family Radios & other equpment that uses same battery
90BA Battery Adapter for PRC-90
BA5800 Battery Adapter for BA-5800/U military Battery
Squad Radio Battery Snap - for charging battery or powering Squad Radio


5BA - for SDU-5/E Strobe Light
68BA - for PRC-68 family radios, PSR-2 chemical alarm  &etc.
90BA - for PRC-90 family survival radios
90BAv3 - like the 90BA except has threads on bottom for radio cap
1100BA - replaces BA-1100 in TVS-2 and other night vision scopes
5800BA - for PLGR or other BA-5800/U applications
5590BA version 1 - for BA-5590/U applications
5590BA version 2 - " can easily accept 20 Sub C cells
257477BA - PRC-25, PRC-74, PRC-77 and other radios
257477BA-PP - with Power Pole socket see: PP-CLS
SRBS - Squad Radio Battery Snap - for charging battry or powering equipment



Vehicle Power Adapter Cable for PRC-25 & PRC-77


25-PP - plugs into PRC-25 family battery or adapter and has Power Pole connector.  for loads or charging
CLP-PP - A Cigarette Lighter Plug to Power Pole cable
CLP-77 - Cigarette Lighter Plug to PRC-77 cable
CLP-PLGR -  A Cigarette Lighter Plug, with LED to PLGR DC power cable
PCK - Power Connector Kit  (PCK) for PRC-25, PRC-77 & other 14 pin POWER connectors.
PLGR-EX - External Power Plug for PLGRs
PP-CLS - Power Pole to Cigarette Lighter Socket. hand with 257477BA-PP
VPA-2577 - Drive the PRC-25 or PRC-77 POWER connector from a Power Pole "12 Volt" source.




ESR-Cap Tester


ESR-Cap Meter
FB Tester


Phosphor Bronze Brush Kit

    New Product Ideas

S-PP 9 Volt Snaps to Power Pole adapter (In Development)
Battery Adapter to replace the BA-1112, not enough interest
Battery Adapter for Tek 1500 series time domain reflectometers, not enough interest

Battery Adapter for PRT-4 transmitter, discontinued
BA5590Plug - Plug for the BA-5590 family of batteries
BTPS Battery Top Power Supply - fits 9 volt battery
BTSG Battery Top Signal Generator - fits 9 volt battery
45 Volt Stick


3 Axis Magnatometer
Systron Donner MOD 4310 F-1-BJH Accelerometer
ADXL202 Analog Devices 2-axis MEMS Accelerometer
Aqua Locator Magnetic Dip Meter for locating water meters
Experiment Relating to the Vertical Component of the Earth's Field using digital wrist compass
HOBO® 4-Channel External Logger also see the G-Pendant
Onset G-Pendant, 3-axis accelerometer data logger.  also see the Hobo 4 external channel data logger
KVH C100 Flux Gate Compass module
M90 Chemical Agent Detector
MC-1 Magnetic Compass Calibration Set similar to AN/ASM-344
Polaroid Sonar One Step Camera - source of Ultrasonic transducer
PSR-2 Chemical Alarm
PSS-11 Detecting Set, Mine
Seismometer, Geophone, Earth Quake

    Intrusion Detection

Geophone Based Intrusion Sensors: TRC-3, Turd
GSQ-154 (V) Alarm Set, Anti-Intrusion, Restricted Area
GSQ-160 Detecting-Transmitting Set, Electromagnetic
GSS-26 Alarm Set, Anti-Intrusion Restricted Area
ME-400 Indoor Doppler Intrusion Sensor
Outdoor Intrusion Detectors and Related Equipment
Modular Outdoor Intrusion Detectors
Platoon Early Warning System PEWS AN/TRS-2(V)
PSR-1 Seismic Intrusion Detector (speaker/headphone output)
USQ- Radio Frequency Monitor Sets & Related Equipment


Bicron Surveyor 50 Geiger Counter
PDR-27 Radiac Set


Air Tools - Compressor and air powered tools
Dewalt 12.0 Volt XR NiCad Battery
Drill Press & Related Equipment
Fasteners - Threaded, Eyelets
Pocket Tools


Length & Weight Measurements

    Metal Working

12" Bench Top Hand Shear
8" Mini Shear Break
Lathes for < 1" OD parts (Chuckers)
HF Mini Cut-off Saw - 3/4" capacity
Mini Machine Tools


Build it Yourself! a Real Electric Motor Kit
Electromagnetic Toy Engine
Gilbert DC Motor for Erector set
Mesco No. 1011 Toy Engine
Weeden DC Electro-magnetic Machine (Motor or Generator) & Carbide (acetylene) Gas Cannon


1932 Bucyrus-Erie 5O-B Steam Shovel
3 Wheel Recumbent Electric Bikes
427 Cobra CSX3282
Cars Vehicles I've owned or are interested in
HMMWV Hummer 1 ¼-Ton, 4X4
M1009 CUCV TRUCK, UTILITY, TACTICAL, 3/4 TON, 4x4, M1009, Chevrolet K5 Blazer with a diesel engine and 24 electrical system
M151 MUTT Jeep
Military Vehicles
Motorized Bikes & Motor Scooters


TMQ-34 Meteorological Measuring Set
UltimeterWeatherStation Peet Brothers Ultimeter Weather Station
Ukiah On Line


Brooke's Web Cam  (Aug 2007 planning on reviving)
Webcam2 - 22 Aug 2007 Experimental Driveway cam
Web Cam Hardware & Software

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